back to me

my sisters and i have this inside joke. and it's always funny because it's always true. we'll be chatting and laughing and someone will tell a story, only to have the other person interrupt to talk about it too or something else. our little phrase is, "so...back to me!"

that's probably why i love blogging so much. i can talk as much as i likey without having to pause and act interested in what your saying and then think up a thoughtful response.

there. i said it.

and here's a hint as to what i'll be sharing about tomorrow:


back to me!

*post edit*
my brother bill just left a voicemail informing him that HE was the one who started "back to me!" in our family and if i don't correct this he will inform the proper authorities. so bill started it, and our family uses it, not JUST my sisters. phew, that was a close one.


Austrie said...

oooo sounds exciting :) I do not know if those pics are copyrighted...does it not say anything on thier flickr?

Melanie said...

I don't think I'll ever forget that dinner when your Dad and Billy came up with that. :) Who would have thought it'd still be around after all this time?!

How was your visit?

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