i'm not feeling pretty right now.
and i can't be cheerful either.
and witty just seems like it would take many, oh so many, brain cells to try.

so i'll share this memory before i forget, as i thought of it on our morning walk:

in grade school my parents brought home a cassette recording of a memory enhancing method. and as i puttered around the house i would listen to parts of it while my mom was too. the only thing i ever remembered (hahaha) was it had tips on how to memorize where you left stuff (major problem of mine).

so this was how it went:
let's say you come home and place your keys on the table.
now, immediately think where you put the keys and then imagine the table blowing up in your mind.
when it is time for you to find your keys, you will see the image of the table and remember.

with my inner brilliance i put the practice to work. the next day i came home, put my backpack by the front door, and then imagined the kitchen table blowing up. that evening, trying to find it, all i could think of was the kitchen table blowing up, and not for the life of me where my backpack was.  now, an intelligent child would catch on that they were not exactly applying the method correctly. but no. i tried again the next time.  i put my coat on the stairway railing. and when it came time to find it, i thought of my coat, and thought of the kitchen table blowing up, (i'm being serious) but couldn't remember where my coat was. for real, i still didn't catch on that time either.

now i'm not going to tell you how long, or how many YEARS it took me to realize that the entire point of the tip was to imagine the ACTUAL PLACE where you left the item blowing up, not the kitchen table. unless, of course, you did leave it on the kitchen table, then it would work.

but i will tell you this: this is not the most stupid and most embarassing thing i have to tell of my past.

me, displaying that inner brilliance


Melanie said...

Oh my gosh! I am cracking up!! :) You are too funny.

Love the picture. Is that the couch I think it is?! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, that is so funny. Its totally you too! I think your husband may have already told you this, but I have been a secret blog stalker of yours for the past few months. I miss seeing Abby in nursery and you in Young Womens, but I love being able to read about you and your family on here. You have so many cute things to say and I totally appreciate every word. I'm excited to have a class with your husband, it will make it a little easier to sit through the 3 hours of class each week. Thanks for your blog and for your example over the years. You are the best!

my name is becky kelly said...

I'm glad i'm not the only genius around here!

Lauren said...

He he.. that seems like a good idea. When applied correctly!

Becky J. said...

That is hilarious, Annie!

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