h o m e

our home
may 2009

happy to be home.

we are so, so, so, ( are you getting the picture?) happy to be home.

i forgot how much ty and i love it here. we love our place, all 900 square feet of it. it has weathered through 3 winters, 3 summers and countless hours of little girls running/prancing/skipping/twirling from one end to the next (they apparently don't know how to walk).

i'm even happy to be here when the piles of clean laundry to fold away resemble the mountains whose shadow we live under. and the kitchen is a wreck. and i am wearing my spandex workout pants that are 3 sizes too small. tmi. but the girls have played all day together. and well. and phoebe is sleeping like it's her job. and ty is happy, happy to be at the end.

ty started his last semester of school today. i don't htink in words i can express how bittersweet this is. rewind to  3 years ago when school wasn't even a glimmer in our eyes. we were working. planning. house plans, land, life. and we scratched all of it and made the leap into full time school.

all i can say is, wow. it has been wonderful. it has been hard. it has been perfect. the friends and neighbors that we have met are more than we could have ever asked for. and i can't even talk about graduating here. as my one  neighbor said, "just don't tell me your moving until about 2 weeks before, and i'll deal with it then."

so i vow to not talk about moving until two weeks before. no matter how much i want to complain about the packing that is ahead of me. yikes.

i am going to relish this home. our neighborhood. our walks. our friends. our ward. our library. the weather and scenery and eat up as much of it as possible until the inevitable time comes that we load up and end this sweet chapter of our lives.


Audrey said...

Cherish it Annie! I miss it up there soooooo bad! If I only had one more semester... but then I would just want one more after that and that and that and that... you get the idea

Danna Banana said...

It's been a good run.

my name is becky kelly said...

i'm glad to see that i'm on the receiving end! there's nothing bitter sweet about this! YOU GUYS ARE COMING HOME! i mean, seriously, how are Hunter, Landon and Zack supposed to court Lucy, Abigail and Phoebe when they're in Provo! :)
sorry to burst your bittersweet bubble, but i'm not feeling the sadness here! :) However, I can hurt for your provo friends, you did leave me once too...

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