not just a river in egypt

yesterday i  sliced a part of phoebe's finger off while trying to trim her nails. and not just an, oops you poor baby, slice. like, oops the whole top of your finger is hanging on by a thread, slice.

and i did this an hour before i was supposed to go work out as i'm trying to finally get back in shape. but her finger bled, and bled and bled for the entire hour.  and we had my brother on speed dial as i was sure phoebe would die from shock and/or loss of blood (thanks bill).  ty reassured me she was fine about a million times but the sound of the skin being cut just kept going over and over and over in my head.

"i'm staying home." i told ty. "i'll go work out tomorrow". it can wait just one more day i thought.

"no, go ahead." "we'll be fine" he said.

and they were. and i went and worked out.

and i realized that i must be really, really, really out of shape if ty is willing to put up with all of that, just so that i can go exercise. because, taking care of a hungry and bleeding 3 month old, two 3 year olds (we were babysitting a friend) and lucy all at dinner, bath and bed time is not an easy task.

talk about a reality check.

*ty was right. her finger is just fine now.


my name is becky kelly said...

Ty doesn't care how you look. He needs you to go exercise for your own sanity and mental health.
I'm glad you went. I bet you felt great when you were done.

The Leavitts said...

If Ty is anything like Kyle, I am betting he wanted you to go to the gym cause you are home with the girls all day and you need a break, not anything to do with your little body!!!!

I took a chunk out of Addisons finger to, it was horrible!!

Melanie said...

I'm glad you got to go. You need a break sometimes. (And I'm glad Billy could help.) :)

How's her finger?

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