road trip o-ten

we up and left on a LONG road trip this weekend. we went to my childhood city of:

lucy and abigail were awesome little car troopers. repeat: AWESOME. they colored, and drawed, and polly pocketed their way for 9 1/2 hours in our wee little jeep. repeat: 9 1/2 hours.

phoebe, well, just had her immunizations and is 4 months old. which equals: MAJOR FUSS POT. the worst part? you can't even get mad at her. the problem? she sleeps for a good while. then wakes up and talks and plays for a good while, then gets sleepy and fussy and hot. this child doth not liketh to be hotteth. we finally figured out that you just have to pull over, get her out of the car seat, CHANGE HER SWEATY CLOTHES, and calm her down a bit. once we figured out the formula, oh and rocking her car seat which either 1) soothes her to sleep and/or 2) causes brain damage. either way it got the screaming, repeat: SCREAMING to stop.

so 9 1/2 hours was worth it though as ty and i do love visiting reno. we most definitely do. and we love visiting my brother russ and his wife jill and kiddos. most definitely. it was a quick 48 hour trip including driving18 hours. repeat: 18 HOURS IN THE CAR. and the reason behind this trip was we upgraded (hopefully not downgraded) our small jeep for a larger, gas guzzling, carbon footprinting suv  because momma needed room to breathe. i'm confident that you can drive any car, and i mean any, with 2 kids, but 3 is the tipping point. IT REALLY WAS.

so the car lot we bought our new one from will always be dear in our hearts as the el sleazo of car dealerships. NO PROOF OF INSURANCE NEEDED! YOUR JOB IS YOUR CREDIT! we would recommend buying from a place like this if:
  1. your husband is a mechanic
  2. your husband is a mechanic and,
  3. your husband is a mechanic.
but the price was right, the mileage low and we are crossing our fingers while driving around with a battery starter in the back.

on our trip, we did in that small amount of time take ty to see the harrah's automobile museum where his eyes glassed over and he floated around for 2 hours. the girls were very excited as they love museums, only to walk in and see, cars? it was hilarious. anything but just cars! luckily some smarty pants parent put in a dress up center and coloring center for the grease monkey father who has only girls. we hunkered down there while phoebe and ty perused the collection. i must note that i love to look at cars with him also, but took one for the team and managed lucy and abby the entire time.
some highlights:
gold delorean

 the only pink thing in the building
 the thomas flyer
 of course, a desert baja truck
my favorite cars, this ford and the jeerrarri in the mirror. yes,  a jeep wagoneer + ferarri = jeerarri.
it was like the escalade's great great grandpa
 dress ups

 more dress ups. first and only time i think ty will EVER dress up.

 i'm still waiting on some photos from our visit to russ and jill's as my battery died EXACTLY when we got there. gagh. but the visit was more than perfect in every way.  and the trip home was much better than the trip there.

some highlights of the drive:

good ol' margot circle home
pioneer center for the arts where i danced many a time
i was a jessie beck bear!
truckee river
harrah fine arts building where i again, danced many a time

we loved showing the girls where i used to live, play soccer, go to church, dance and walk. and we can't wait to go back again soon. minus the screaming 4 month baby. maybe an 11 month old would do, just around time for HOT AUGUST NIGHTS. ooh, baby i can't wait.

*post edit*
i almost forgot to add the best quote of the trip:
"dang, i forgot my gun"-ty
"what do you need your gun for?"-me
"in case i needed to bust a cap"-ty
"what's a bust a cap?" - abby


Austrie said...

looks like a fun trip! i like the dress up pics, and the girls' boots. super cute. Ty definitely rocks the baby carrier thing. very manly.

NANCY said...

So Annie where is the picture of the new SUV that is the most important thing isn't it?

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Ahh you never fail to let me down. bust a cap just about busted my gut.

ThE McNEiLs said...

Looks like fun! You are very brave....that is a LONG time in a car!

Amanda Monk said...

So hows the new SUV! I always said I wanted 9 kids! Yes 9! but it wasn't till I was a mother for the second time with 2 carseats that my bubble burst! How do I fit them all in a car?! and poof-just like that reality hit.

Lauren said...

Oh! I'm so jealous. I haven't been back since we moved to Logandale. I miss Reno big time.
Glad you survived the trip. At least you didn't have to go on the ET highway -- the Salt Flats are way more exciting dontchya think? :P

Carrie said...

What a fun trip! Sometimes the quickie-trips are the best. I don't envy your car ride, though! Glad you finally figured out how to calm Phoebe down! For the record, I don't like being hot either. I'd 'a been right there with her. :-)

The Richards in Canada said...

SO no pics of the new ride?! Haven't read blogs in awhile! Love the updates!

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