seen and heard

ty walks in the door during a class break to find me walking phoebe in the kitchen.
"how was class?"-me
"good. what are you up to?"-ty
"this little fart knocker hasn't napped longer than 30 minutes all day"-me
"hahahahahaha. i haven't heard anyone say that for years! hahahaha. fart knocker!"-ty
"hahaha. i know. fart knocker!"-me
"hahahahahahahaha"- both of us

do you remember when people used to say that?

1 comment:

my name is becky kelly said...

yeah, i do remember that! Like, from today, and yesterday when Shanan called the kids that!
hahahah. Shanan uses that phrase a lot! Lately he's been calling them knuckle-head.

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