as of late

  • abby and lucy can officially play together without fighting for almost 2 minutes.
  • phoebe thinks nursing and eating cereal is the bomb.
  • ty has been acing his tests.
  • abby has had 3 accidents this week when she wants to where undewears.
  • the weather is the same- dull, dreary, depressing.
  • i'm trying to de-junk rooms-unsuccessfully. some little elves seem to replace it right after i leave.
  • i caught a couple making out in a dark & secluded parking lot after visiting teaching. it was awesome, and i chuckled all the way home.
  • we went for a bike ride on campus today-it was the warmest day of the week-55*!( but it felt like 45)
  • phoebe LOVES being outside. we're 3 for 3 now.


5 months!

 phoebe, we love you more each and every day.
ps- abby says "you has a circle hed"

i think i can, i know i could. wait... i suck.

every year, when i watch the olympics, all i really care about is women's figure skating.
and every year, without fail my pulse quickens, my eyes widen and i think, "i could do that". cause i've got the dancing part down, and i'm a pretty good jumper. with a little bit of practice and ice time? lookout world!

but when i actually put on skates, and step on the ice, i look like a blind cat with tinfoil on its feet.

not pretty.

one of my favorite skaters of ever:
favorite skater from last night:


fatty mcbutterpants

the close of 2009 found me at the largest i have ever been in my life. yeah, yeah, i know what you're thinking, bedrest, baby, blah blah blah.  i am not whining here, i am just stating the facts. and the facts added up to this: nothing fit, i was depressed, and my sausage calves couldn't fit into my brand new hunter boots.

i don't think it matters how/why anyone gets out of shape and unhealthy. yes, unhealthy. whether you were blessed with genes from the gods and walked around eating anything and everything and staying rail thin until you graduated from hs/had kids/hit a cetain age/retired or whatever, or you have always struggled, let's face it:  being unhealthy stinks. it's depressing. it's annoying. it is so very not fun. and most importantly, it's not healthy.

and if you are nodding your head and saying amen, i hear you. i've been there or worse, i'm there. you are not alone. if staying in shape and eating healthy were easy, everyone would do it. you should know that weight was not something i struggled with until college. i was a very active child, (read:hyper) and danced, played soccer & was a total spaz every spare hour not in school. freshman year of college found me stretching the seams  a bit and even then denile was not just a river in egypt.  seriously, i thought all clothing companies had changed the measurements of their medium shirts and size 8 pants and therefore it was THEIR fault that i had to step into the big L size and double digit slacks.

luckily, over the years, i have learned a lot, am still learning and researching and trying to take care of my body in a healthy and normal way. it's hard to strike a balance, i didn't want to neglect it but i also don't want to get an eating disorder or turn into an exercise bulimic. and seeing as how i LOVE food and i love to COOK food and BAKE food and use lots of BUTTAH, i can't just flip a switch and turn into a non-food-loving person. it's not going to happen. believe me, as a former dancer, i've tried.

so, for 2010, combining the knowledge about nutrition i believe to be true, add a heaping pile of moderation, and spiritual perspective, these are my eating and exercising goals:
  • eat real food. sadly, over the past 50 years commericial food companies have turned food products into, well, products and not food. things are packaged to look good, stay long on the shelf, and taste good while completely disregarding nutrition and health. thus we are all walking around, pudgy, poofy, tired and hungry from lack of protein, good fats, and fiber. i don't follow diets well, but this rule of thumb i learned from my personal trainer: do you know where your food came from? and i'm not talking about grocery stores or drive thrus. i'm talking vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts, legumes, grains. get the picture?  i know exactly where the squash came from. i know exactly where the chicken came from. i know exactly where the oats came from.  but i'm also pretty sure i've never seen a ding-dong tree or pop-tart plant either. this works anywhere you are, just ask: do i know where this food came from? and try and get a balance of everything. we made the switch to only brown rice,  whole grain pasta, and whole grain bread a year ago and the girls and ty are none the wiser. sadly, many of my favorite recipes from growing up are on the "every once in awhile" schedule, and not the weekly.we like to sing the sesame street song, "cookies are a soooometimeees foood!"
  • limit sugar seeing as diabetes comes from, oh, 4 sides of my family along with heart disease, obesity and lovely cancer, sugar is just not good for me.  sundays are my off days, i usually look up a fun and delectable recipe for sunday dinner. like last night's banana cream pie. mmmm. now if your mormon, somehow EVERY church function is brimming over with sugar, so i try to know when those days and activities are coming. don't get me wrong, i eat something sweet every day, but limit it to one (ok 2), and i make it count. if sugar is in the first 3 ingredients of something, i count it as a dessert.   i have been weaning the girls off of cereal for awhile now, and when we do have some, it's rice/corn chex with honey on top. now, i can't ever say NO SUGAR, because when in 2 weeks i will be driving through krispy kremes with 24 variety donuts in the passenger seat and one in my mouth.  sugar is in almost everything because it's ADDICTIVE. think legal crack.
  • get moving no matter what. i have to make time to move. some days are too crazy to go 'work out' per se, but somedays i clean the house on 'superspeed' mode, or a nice long walk with the girls in the stroller, 65 lbs combined and 16 on my chest is not too shabby either. somedays i do nothing. it doesn't matter what you do, but it is nice to find something you love to do. not everyone is a runner. not everyone is weight lifter. not everyone is a swimmer. not everyone is an early morning person. not everyone is a dancer. not everyone likes the gym. not everyone likes being outside (i still try to understand that).  start experimenting and find what you really like. and find something you can do daily/weekly.  i will tell you right now, i did not like running in school. sure, put a ball or hurdle in front of me and i'd book it. but running for running's sake? as if!   luckily, after our wedding a charlotte nursed me along 1/4 mile at a time and i grew to LOVE it. but i still HATE walking by myself.  give me someone to chat with and i can walk from here to yonkers. START SLOW, i'm back there. i feel like i've never run a mile in my life, but slow and steady wins the race. luckily, i know that 3 mile and under runs suck from a deep place i like to call hades. but until i can break past 3 miles i have to endure. because i know that there is nothing more sweet than a 5 mile run. 
this is for me to look at and remember for motivation. i have struggled with this and know that it is a constant work of progress (and sometimes setbacks). but i hope, oh i desperately hope, that some people will find help and solace from my sharing this. over the years i have tried this and that diet, read this and that book, tried this and that exercise regime with no avail. i am an athlete, and a dancer, and yet was clueless about why i was taking care of my body other than to "be fast" or "stay skinny". but once i became more aware of my body from a spiritual perspective, it has made all the difference. i no longer do things for my body to fit a certain size or weigh a certain number, i do it because it's right and it is important.
  What? know ye not that your abody is the btemple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your cown?

  For ye are abought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.                 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

it doesn't matter if you used to take care of your body, or never have, or never have known how to all by yourself, start today. at least start thinking about it. what am i eating? when am i moving? what are some bad habits i could try and change today? and make small attainable goals and find things that you love. and if you screw up and eat the entire bakery section, or don't move a muscle for months on end:  DON"T GIVE UP.  i once heard that it is easier to change your religious views than to change your eating habits. true that.

"This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." 
Winston Churchill

*did you hear that sound? that was me stepping off of my soapbox.

jandee & ike & pear & gorgonzola pizza

jandee and ike came over for brunch yesterday.
i made this pizza, and it did not dissapoint. you can find the recipe here from: katie.
i wish i had a better pizza picture, but i ate almost the whole entire thing that afternoon. yikes.

we had the nicest visit. but somehow i always feel like we never get enough time, but maybe that's because we could talk for forever about anything and everything.  and i mean forever.
it doesn't hurt that she also has the cutest little boy ever. (sorry ike, no pictures of you! woops)


holy poop!

look what came in the mail yesterday.
can't you just see ty jumping like that guy in the far right?

in case anyone would like to watch him graduate (ooh, i get so excited just writing that) commencement is:
April 22, 2010
Marriot Center

and his convocation (gets diploma) is:
 April 23, 2010
Provo Tabernacle


um, so yeah...

i've been a little stingy on the blog here lately. call it whatever you like, but i haven't shared all of our family news. where do you draw the line on your site? how much is too much? how much is too little? seeing as i have roof shingle colors, tree pruning books, and support beam prices on my brain, i thought i should finally let the world in on one of our life decisions lately...

we bought a house. 

ever since ty and i started inventing a life together, when we talked about our "dream" home we both wanted a few things:

1) old 2) fixer upper 3) lots of land.

well, we are very humbled and grateful to say that we bought a home that is:

1) old  2) fixer upper and 3) lots of land.

can't you just see my goats and chickens running around already?
i think i might start another blog just to follow us during all of our projects.

and yes, for all you valley ladies, it's in o-town : )
*photo courtesy of grandma leavitt


dear crusty neighborhood cat...

we think you should just give up. you have been trying to catch our mr. mouse and you will not win. he has lived here for 3 years and is obviously smarter than you. honestly, you are a cat with prowess but after 2 straight months of sitting outside our bush you have yet to accomplish your goal.
not that i'm sad about it, but really? are you inbred? is it the quart of anti-freeze that you drank this fall from our garage?  maybe it's a combination of these things and many others, but will not catch this mouse. he is committed to staying here as a resident because i feed him burnt offerings of buns/cookies/toast every week or so from the back porch.
so go away.
love, annie


wed nes day

 important facts from these photos:
1) i washed all the laundry but have yet to put it away
2. i'm addicted to my short hair. ty is tired of it.
3) phoebe is a delicious little baby

21 weeks

lucy made a request to make phoebe look "more like a girl".
the bow lasted 15 minutes.


365 days

last year i was still training for this marathon; and even though i was early on in a high risk pregnancy i still had high hopes of slowly jogging/walking it.

 high hopes indeed.

on february 17th 2009, i came home from a 6 mile run. i sat down at the table where ty and the girls were eating breakfast. i felt so good. so happy. so  energized. so alive.

20 minutes later some major cramping started. luckily i was seeing the dr. boss that afternoon.  now, we knew that around 20+ weeks I would have to take it easy to prevent another abby from happening. but when he sat me down that day and said, no more exercise. i broke down right there in that office. and i mean broke down. sobbed like a little schoolgirl. even though i never cried like that as a little schoolgirl, but that's how the saying goes.

that was the last time i ran. and guess what? the cramping never stopped.  5 weeks later complete pelvic rest and modified bed rest entered the picture followed after by 16 weeks of hormone injections, meds that made my feet swell up like elephant man, deep depression and hundreds of peanut buster parfaits. hundreds.

but tonight in hopes of eradicating this past year of gestating a beautiful baby and gaining 60+ poundages in the process i went with my good ol' working out buddy sister, and unfroze my gym membership.

can i tell you how good it felt to be back in the gym and running again?


sarah and me on one of our last marathon training runs: don't mind my freaky face.


proof that we actually do kinda like each other

our official valentine's date 

it was so nice to get away together and away from the kids. not that we don't love them, but ya know...

although we took the wrong trail, we made plans for the right trail and to make it to the top of the canyon. we are hoping to do it in a month or so when the phoebes can handle my absence a little longer...and i am in better shape.

*a special thanks to aunt sarah for watching our monkeys at home.



my kitchen buddy

phoebe likes to sit in the bouncer and watch me work my cooking skills.
i also love it when she starts growling while i'm washing the dishes.
and yes, i trimmed her nails and she still keeps clawing her self like this.

just for laughs

tell me this isn't funny. i dare you.


so you say you're a stay at home mother of young children?


i don't know about you, but i can relate.

20 weeks

these past 20 weeks have flown by.
yet, this is exactly how long i had to be on bed rest.
don't worry phoebe, no hard feelings. 
you were totally worth it.


you gotta love it...

 these are the kinds of things i find left on our computer desktop 
after a few late nights of ty studying:
everybody needs ebay breaks right?
*look how awesome jose canseco was back in the day before he was, well, jose canseco.


i should have gone with the skittles

abby is potty training herself. and i'm not just using that term loosely. i have completely taken the back seat and let her make all potty going decisions, except i insist on her sleeping in a diaper. she is usually half naked and/or donning a pair of teeny underwears on the days she's feeling inclined. she flits in and out of the bathroom utilizing it at her whim without nary an accident.

other days she craps in her diaper like it's her job.

but, it has been an extremely stress free process for me and her. much the opposite of when i forced lucy to potty train and we endured 8 months of power struggles and accidents.

anyways, to make a long story short, i decided today to be a little more proactive and award abby with a treat for going #2 on the potty. she was motivated enough by this incentive that she went two times today. the second time was right as ty came home from school.

imagine the gasp of horror that came from him when he walked into the bathroom to congratulate her and saw her sitting on the potty whilst happily shoveling fistfulls of brown goo into her  mouth.

and then he came out laughing when he remembered i had said that the official "treat" was...

chocolate chips.

and we both laughed for a good, hard, long time because the act of one of our children eating poo would not have been new to this family.

not new at all.

home means nevada

we have some serious nevada pride going on here in this house, and always have. but when my family first moved down to logandale, i have to admit, i did not like southern nevada. at all.

i grew up in reno where there were 4 seasons which included awesome things like skiing in fresh snow and warm summer days at lake tahoe. repeat: skiing in fresh snow and warm summer days at lake tahoe.

in moapa valley it was 110 degrees and i got heat stroke just from mowing the lawn. at 9am.

luckily i met ty, who took me all over and helped me fall in love with southern nevada too. for example:

*note*to all you travelers, the part of nevada seen from I-15 from st.george to stateline past las vegas has got to be the most barren part of nevada i can imagine.
(before you fight me over this you should know that ty and i combined have been to almost every area of the silver state)
you have to get off the beaten path to really see southern nevada's beauty.

all photos courtesy of our friend dustin's blog
we love his photos and they have helped ty with his homesickness and get me a little excited to get out of this grey and cold winter.


and then we were shopping for prom dresses

today was one of those days- A FIRST! phoebe had her first cereal and luckily ty documented it all in photos. i'm glad that he got me in them too. i'm glad i didn't know i was in the pictures until i saw them. becaust this is me, with my kids, in real life.

first try
what the crap is this mom?
she liked it better when daddy fed her. look at that lip on spoon action!
even though she doesn't look like it, i swear she liked it in the end.

and i won't pretend that i'm not sad that she is eating foods now, because i am.
babies need to stay babies much longer in my opinion.
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