19 weeks

right now at 4 months we love how you: fart everytime you sneeze. babble and drool over 3 outfits a day. have mini siezures when the girls walk by you, or talk to you or heaven forbid dance for you. that's when you start smacking yourself in the face with joy. suck on your fingers, toys, fists, clothes, anything.   have michelin man rolls all over your body. who knew fat could make a family so happy?


me said...

That's awesome, all of it. I love the Michelin man comparison. Neither of my "malnurished" children have had rolls. Love them!

Whitney Baldwin said...

Oh my gracious.
I adore thigh and wrist rollage. Zach never had them and I was the most disappointed mom ever.
She is absolutely perfect.

Carrie said...

I want her outfit!! And I want to be able to wear it out in public without being arrested! I love polka-dots and knee-length socks!

Danna Banana said...


The Richards in Canada said...

Love it! So cute!

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