dear crusty neighborhood cat...

we think you should just give up. you have been trying to catch our mr. mouse and you will not win. he has lived here for 3 years and is obviously smarter than you. honestly, you are a cat with prowess but after 2 straight months of sitting outside our bush you have yet to accomplish your goal.
not that i'm sad about it, but really? are you inbred? is it the quart of anti-freeze that you drank this fall from our garage?  maybe it's a combination of these things and many others, but will not catch this mouse. he is committed to staying here as a resident because i feed him burnt offerings of buns/cookies/toast every week or so from the back porch.
so go away.
love, annie


Trent & Tara said...

ha ha ha this is hilarious Annie. you have such a funny way of putting things.

Anonymous said...


Jordan and Jandee said...

this made me smile today.

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