home means nevada

we have some serious nevada pride going on here in this house, and always have. but when my family first moved down to logandale, i have to admit, i did not like southern nevada. at all.

i grew up in reno where there were 4 seasons which included awesome things like skiing in fresh snow and warm summer days at lake tahoe. repeat: skiing in fresh snow and warm summer days at lake tahoe.

in moapa valley it was 110 degrees and i got heat stroke just from mowing the lawn. at 9am.

luckily i met ty, who took me all over and helped me fall in love with southern nevada too. for example:

*note*to all you travelers, the part of nevada seen from I-15 from to stateline past las vegas has got to be the most barren part of nevada i can imagine.
(before you fight me over this you should know that ty and i combined have been to almost every area of the silver state)
you have to get off the beaten path to really see southern nevada's beauty.

all photos courtesy of our friend dustin's blog
we love his photos and they have helped ty with his homesickness and get me a little excited to get out of this grey and cold winter.


Camrin said...

Those photos are amazing! When are you moving back to the valley?

ThE McNEiLs said...

Those photos are amazing! I MISS it!

Tam said...

...Home means the sage and the pine...I love this post. Thank you! I'm almost in tears looking at the Logandale Overton sign picture.

Rawson Family said...

Beautiful pictures! When will you be back?

Lauren said...

You guys should check out Dustin's new blog.

And I loooooove the knock off wood blog! Thanks for sharing!! I wish I was that cool!

Anonymous said...

I am excited for your family to move back to the valley. Nathan and I have a strange love for NV also. We will have to share hiking/sight seeing spots when you get here. We love enjoying the beauty of the desert. I took some pictures of our stormy days, they are on FB if you want to see some Southern Nevada change of weather ;)

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