jandee & ike & pear & gorgonzola pizza

jandee and ike came over for brunch yesterday.
i made this pizza, and it did not dissapoint. you can find the recipe here from: katie.
i wish i had a better pizza picture, but i ate almost the whole entire thing that afternoon. yikes.

we had the nicest visit. but somehow i always feel like we never get enough time, but maybe that's because we could talk for forever about anything and everything.  and i mean forever.
it doesn't hurt that she also has the cutest little boy ever. (sorry ike, no pictures of you! woops)


Terril Family said...

I say you share your pizza recipe!

Anonymous said...

Yes Annie, how can you post a picture of food and tell how yummy it is and not share the goods?! :)

Jordan and Jandee said...

I'm still dreaming about that pizza! Thanks for the most wonderful chat!

lindsey loo said...


Becky J. said...

I'm trying not to be jealous of your visit or your pizza. :)

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