and we've got snow over here

i hate it when i'm right. really, really do. and i keep trying to convince ty the sooner he realizes that i am ALWAYS right, the easier the rest of, oh...eternity, will be for the both of us.

because i said it was going to get cold, and it did. snow, snow, rain and snow.
in other news, phoebe is growing growing growing, a whopping 15lbs 14oz, (which, is like, 16lbs). she loves to eat her veggies, cereal, and just had applesauce for the first time this morning. 

her favorite thing to do recently, as in, just a few days, is grab faces. grab, grab, scratch, and claw. i trimmed the nails so it's  a little safer now.

she especially loves ty's nose:
i totally didn't mean for this to looks all artsy at an angle, i was just avoiding the crap on the floor
win win!


calm before the storm

the weather was deliciously warm and still this morning. which can only mean one thing-
cold is coming again. 

i'm praying it doesn't freeze as trent and tara's apricot tree is brimming over with buds and last year they lost them to a frost. i have a real hankering for making more apricot jelly this summer.

in other news, my friend rachel hiked with me this morning. so lovely to chat and chat. we were lapped on our way up by an old man. and then he lapped us on our way down. and then he finished at the bottom and turned around to HIKE IT A SECOND TIME.  i told rachel i'm pretty sure it's THIS GUY.

needless to say, we were feeling pretty sheepish for huffing and puffing on our way up and down. and yes, i still think i'm crazy for making this goal to hike it everyday. oh well.


who needs the outdoors?

we can have campfires right on our bookshelves if need be.
someone needs to tell the princesses they are tad bit overdressed.
i found this little arrangement while getting out of the shower saturday morning. you gotta love abby. and i think it's a second child thing, she can play and play and play and play and play all by her lonesomes.

meanwhile lucy chatters at me all day long like the umbilical cord was never cut.

i'm laughing at our book collection.

and yes, i hiked this morning. HUZZAH!


good mom, bad mom

after a long saturday morning and afternoon that consisted of yard sales, bike rides, 2for1 sale at the BYU bookstore (thanks chels!), breakfast, snacks, lunch and snacks, an attempted, but failed, nap on my part, & a 3 hour long study session for ty, i found myself bringing lucy home from a play date to help me clean up the house.  as we were walking across the street my friend christine stopped in front of our house.

"want to go to the duck pond?" she asked. i looked at lucy, thought of the mountains of laundry and toys that needed to be put away and said "sure! why not?". we rounded up all 5 girls into two strollers and took off with our week supply of bread crusts that hang in a bag from the laundry room door. the girls had a blast except for a few times that lucy complained there was no one "her age" there (i told her to suck it up). christine and i are both pretty laid back and gave the girls free reign of the botony pond. as they harassed the ducks, ran up and down the stairs, fell countless times, and screamed & tackled each other i knew they were happy. that's when i noticed a couple on a cute little blanket with a toddler boy sitting between them beating the grass with a stick.  and then i noticed "it".

when i say "it" i mean, the look i get often from first time or only child parents. i know what "it" looks like because i am guilty of giving it in my former years. the squinted eyes, soft chuckles to each other and snickers after we would call out to some of the girls. "no, don't do that to each other!", "come down! that's too far!" "woops! you're ok!" "lucy!" "abby!" "kaylee!" "rachel!" "ava!" we yelled countless times. i don't know exactly what they were saying or thinking, but it wasn't hard to guess. my girls clothes didn't match, their hair was tousled from climbing up the hill, abby's allergy nose was running like crazy and i'm pretty sure lucy was purposely aiming for ducks' heads with the bread.

and i know that they thought we were irresponsible, careless, negligent parents. but who cares? i've learned that the old saying is true: don't judge a book by its cover. *and i'm fully aware that i am judging them for judging me*

even though from the outside my life looks crazy with three little girls who are constantly wearing mismatched clothes, scraped up knees and snivelly noses:


now, if i could learn how to succesfully and consistently be a good mom AND get all of the other stuff done too-well, i'd write a book about it and sell over a 100 million copies.

eat that stephenie meyer.
a beautiful moonlit hike on a saturday night
*thanks for joining me sarah!


you better believe it

yesterday morning i ran with my friend in the morning and planned on taking a nice, evening hike up the Y.

and then the snow came.
and then sun.
and then wind.
and then hail.
and then snow.

the entire day went like this in my head:  stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, goal.

how was i going to do this in the rain/snow/sleet/wind? and as we live RIGHT under the mountain all day long it taunted me. it taunted me in the morning taking out the trash. on the drive to the store. on the drive home. out the girls' window while putting them down for naps.

"yes mountain?"
"did you forget about  me?"
"no, i'm still coming"
"good, because i haven't kicked your trash yet today"
"i know, i know" sigh

and so, i strapped on my trusty camelback and headed up the mountain. and suprise, suprise, i did it!  and strange, but all 4 days this week of hiking i have been completely alone, and i really like it.

*note to self* if you hike the Y again on a friday evening, the parking lot will be full of pimply faced teenagers in steamy parked cars. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


day three

every morning i wake up to my alarm clock since making this goal.
and every morning there is this deep fear that i won't be able to do it again.
but i did. this morning i saw 11 deer (one buck- a very important fact for my hubsters) and 3 beautiful bluejays/birds? i need to get a bird book.

on another note, ty is dying of exhaustion from having to take care of all 3 girls for an hour in the mornings. and phoebe is enthused to see me walk in the door. i wonder why?
me and phoebes- post hike this a.m.
*i ran 1/5 of the way down today : )


6 months

phoebe loves people
  to watch cars drive by (clothing optional)
and to go on walks

you are what you subscribe to

as luck would have it, most of our magazine subscriptions are expired or expiring within the month. i call it luck because then i don't have to fill out change of address forms, i am going to be lazy and wait till we've moved to renew them.  i was writing down our list of current subscriptions, and our wish list.
RUNNER'S WORLD (not going to renew)
HUNTIN' FOOL (dead serious)
wish list:

what are your favorite subscriptions?  any suggestions?

thanks to my camelback, pepper spray and john denver on my ipod- today's hike was much easier.


i was all by myself, and no one was looking

i knew the hike today would be the easiest-at least for a few weeks. but within the first switchback my thighs were burning, i was majorly sucking air and stopping every few minutes. walk walk walk, BURNING, stop, catch my breath, walk walk walk, BURNING, stop, catch my breath.

this is when the inner demons came out. "you can't do this", "just turn around now, you can do it all the way tomorrow", "what were you thinking?" i also knew i had to be home by a certain time for ty's class. "well, it's probably been too long and i should turn back."  so i reach in my pocket, gasping for air, crutching onto my side and look at my cell phone.

it had only been 10 minutes. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! it felt like i had been hiking for an eternity. well, no excuses. i had plenty of time to go slow, and take lots of breaks.

can i tell you how much it sucked? every once in awhile the path would level out and i could feel my legs again. phew! i can do this! and then any slight incline would get me cursing this stupid goal that i made.  i also planned to only go to the bottom of the Y instead of the top until i got more in shape. so i'm walking, walking, walking, (i'm all by myself this entire way, no motivation to finish when no one is around) with no music, no distractions, just my thoughts. i know, scary. one foot in front of the other.

"oh, screw it. i'm going to turn around. this sucks", but i took just a few more steps, and lo and behold there it was, THE Y! and not just the Y, THE TOP OF THE Y! with my throbbing head and pounding muscles i had missed the trail for the bottom and went to the top. "i did it!" i gasped out loud.

and just when i think there is no way i can do this every day, i look at my phone again.

the stinking pile of monkey poop hike only took me 30 minutes to get to the top.

no excuses for me. back again tomorrow. WAHOO.



 i was working out in the gym with my sister tonight, sweating out on the treadmill. aka the deathmill. oh how i loathe and despise that thing. mostly i just hate being inside. the people, the sweat, the faux-hawks. and as outgoing and social as i am i don't like crowds. AT ALL. but i do love being outside. it completes me (picture me pointing to the mountain and pointing back and forth mouthing "you complete me"). cheesy? oh yeah. true? you better believe it.

so i'm thinking, i need to do cardio, and i need to be outside, then i remembered when i made my goals during bedrest. and one of them was to hike the Y once a week. and phoebe is almost 26 weeks old, and i've done it ONCE. so, call me crazy, i made a mind-numbing goal: 


i can't believe i just wrote that on the blog, because it means all of y'all will know that i am supposed to do it. accountability my friends is more of a foe than a friend for me. BUT HERE I GO. i haven't counted the days, but there are a lot of them.

i'll post tomorrow after i'm done.

IF I'M STILL ALIVE. hahahaha.

Y chromosomes need not apply

we have three girls. in a row. which leads many people to comment in awe, wonder, confusion, and sometimes...dissapointment. before phoebe it was "maybe you'll get your boy!" "did you think it's a boy?" "it's about time you had a boy!" and the best ones were, "so and so had 3 girls ( or 4,5,6,7!) in a row and THEN a boy!". the pressure was tremendous. always. especially because somehow for my husband's side of the family, no boys have made an appearance. phoebe was the 7th great granddaughter and the 4th granddaugter, and 4th greatgrandaughter in a row. obviously you can see why everyone is so expectant for that boy. (i kind of feel sorry for whatever baby it will be, as the attention is going to be overwhelming). when phoebe was born only a few people seemed "excited" for us to have another girl. it was almost like, oh same old thing all over again.

and then trent and tara announced their pregnancy, and i admit, i jumped on the "boy" bandwagon. boy boy boy boy boy! i wanted it to be. mostly because then all the pressure would be off of the married grandchildren. i'm not exactly going to pop out 5 more puppies in search of a tonka truck loving child. no thank you. and they are having...a girl. which makes me excited because phoebe and their little baby will be in the same grade, and that's just cool in my opinion.

but the pressure, is there. and always has been. ty is the oldest son of an oldest son of...get the picture? but now, it doesn't bother me anymore. something beautiful happened after phoebe. no pressure. no expectations. we are a family of all girls, and i love it. it is wonderful and fun and amazing to see how children of the same sex can be so entirely different from each other, even if they do look EXACTLY alike. the girls are quiet and loud and goofy and flighty and sporty and feminine all at the same time. and the bond between them is inspiring.
this is us, and we love it.


25 weeks

and peek-a-boo really gets the laughs:

and i'll apologize right now for sounding like darth vader.


little green men drive me crazy

i do not, nor ever have, celebrated st. patrick's day holiday. if you can even call it a  holiday. my entire life the fine points of this day i have liked can be counted on my hand.
  1. my dad's stories of the chicago green river
  2. shamrock ice cream and green popcorn at elementary school
  3. my childhood friend's birthday
  4. not wearing green but telling people i'm wearing green underwear so back off
and that's about it. i never really knew what the hullabaloo was about. i think it's great if you celebrate, but i think it all boils down to laziness on my part. and i'm probably more irish than most other people.  but no shamrock's, no green eggs and ham. no fuss amongst us.

 and then lucy went to preschool that day. "MOM!" she cried when i walked into the classroom. in her hands were a shamrock the size of a basketball, a bag full of goodies and little green footprints. "THEY WERE HERE! THEY WERE HERE!" insert jumping up and down. "oh, that's nice" i murmered as i grabbed the other preschool buddies in the carpool, trying to dodge the "did they come to our house?" question that i knew was coming.  "AND GUESS WHAT?!" another scream. "no, what?" i asked, finally making eye contact. "THE TOILETS WERE GREEN!" she blurted. "wow! green?" i admit, this was a first for me. luckily the teacher was standing right there and noticed my perplexed expression. with her arms folded she leaned over and said, "the leprechauns peed in it!" and smiled and winked at me like i would think this was so very novel & cute.

excuse me? what was that? the leprechauns peed in the toilet and 'forgot to flush'? oh wow, that is especially not smart in a classroom of preschooler's whose mother's ask them all day long to FLUSH THE STINKING TOILET. maybe it's just me. so i'll apologize ahead of time, if you come over to our house and there is a floating log in the toilet. IT'S LUCY'S.

this year just made me even less enthused to ever celebrate this holiday. bah humbug.

and yes, she has asked every day why the little green men didn't come to our house.


seen and heard

i grabbed abby by the shirt and pulled her back into the house while she was running out the door. "ahhhhh! let me go!" she wailed. "no, honey i need to wipe off your face" (if any of you have met abby she has no awareness of messiness/gooiness/sticky stuff stuck to any part of her body and merrily goes throughout the day).  "whyyyyyyy?" she asked. "because you look like nobody loves you" i said as i smeared some peanut butter, honey, chocolate concoction off of her face.

NOTE: my mom said this to me my entire life and i promised i would NEVER say it. ahem.

after this disheartening statement abby looked me straight in the eyes, and as serious as could be said,  "EVERYBODY loves me"
and just walked away.

bravo abigail. 



these pretzels are making me thirsty

have you noticed something new on the blog here? the ads? yeah, don't know how i feel about it. i am flattered that blogher contacted me as a 'good fit' and offered an ad contract. but the pressure! i feel like i'm obligated to write to an 'audience' and 'entertain' you to keep my traffic up. what does that mean? i have to be more funny / witty / coy whatever?  deep thoughts here. i do like what they are about though. i definitely am not the uber chic blogger that has independent boutiques and etsy seller ads. that is so not me. but oxyclean and diapers? check please!

on another note, i've been going to pump class at the gym at nights. i'm trying to use it up as much as possible until the big move. considering we live in a college town, and i go to the gym closest to the Y, you can guess the crowd at the gym. YOUNG. FIT. TAN. FIRM. PERKY. and tonight, while working out i am gazing around at the other girls. class of '08. class of '09. they are still wearing their cheer shorts and soccer shorts from high school. they just finished puberty last month. they make me feel OLD. and i honestly don't ever feel old. i am in my 20's for crying out loud.  spring has just sprung for me sisters. but after pump class, i felt old, droopy, saggy, squishy, out-dated.

i came home to find ty watching seinfeld. and all seemed ok. so what? i'm a little older than i used to be. SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. so things are a little droopier, heavier, less flexible, and squishy? i've got three awesome kids to show for it. and still have my sense of humor. because when jerry says, "these pretzels are making me thirsty" i can't stop laughing & feel like i'm 18 all over again.

and proof that i was athletic and body parts used to be in their proper place and order:



when daddy gets the camera...

 phoebe is still sick so ty and i had to do the old switcheroo during church. he took first hour, i did the last two. when i got home he said, "phoebe rolled over again, and i got some pictures of it." "pictures?" i asked. "yeah, it was funny, at first she was high centered on a toy, but then she endoed"

for all of you who DON"T have motorhead husbands and are confused:



and those are the only pictures he took. i love my husband.


hey, you, frizzy haired girl

i am hair challenged. i am always one step behind a normal woman and 3 gazillion steps behind those perfectly polished women. i have come to accept this fact in my life. but growing up was a different story. why didn't my hair look like theirs? was a question often asked, with no answer. so i came up with my own solution, PONYTAIL! and not a cute, blowed out version of a ponytail, a ratty, half-bun, half rat's nest jumble on my head. and so ratty during soccer season that dreads were found living underneath the mess of a "bun".
 somedays i would go all crazy and do two braids. but that would wear me out for a good two weeks. once in high school, if i really wanted to turn heads i would... wait for it, wait for it, brush my hair and use a blow dryer at the same time. i know you're thinking, "you mean you blow dried your hair?", no, in no way was that blow drying my hair, i thought i was, but all i was doing was brushing my hair while holding a blow dryer over my head. NOT THE SAME THING. my method would produce a thriller type effect the first day, so i would curl it. and it almost looked like i did my hair by that step. "whoah annie! nice hair". "hey! you look nice today!", or "what's new about you?" were comments i would get. and of course i would smile, touch my head and yell, "I BRUSHED MY HAIR!".  and i did it using my mother's brush. i didn't buy my own hairbrush until college because i figured i'd need it every once in a while. and i didn't buy a round brush until, oh, 4 years ago.

now i'm sure that the normal, beautiful, girls were driven crazy by the fact that i would get attention for brushing my hair about every other month. but i don't feel badly for them, because i was envious of them every second of every single day. i used to try desperately to look like them, talk like them, walk like them. i'd even buy the same lisa frank notebook and pencil, but with no effect. anyways, getting off the subject here.

my hair has always been a mess. and luckily ty looked past that fact and liked me for my spunkiness and sense of humor (thank goodness). but i have found three solutions that have saved me from my fallen grace in the hair department.  okay 4 ( i took notes at my hairdresser's about how to properly blow dry my hair, i know right? that's what it took for me to learn)

1. THIS CREME,     (have frizzy hair? this is for you!)
2. THIS BRUSH, (yes, i know it's pricey, BUT IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE)

and 3. CUTTING IT ALL OFF. seriously, it takes me 5 minutes to blow dry this bob i have here that is called a hair-do (which is making me feel bad for not blow drying it earlier this week and walking around with a puff ball head). i feel like almost a real woman, with a real hairdo, that knows what a roundbrush is (even though i never use one).


aaaaand, everything is all right now

it is no secret that i have a school-girl crush on nomar garciaparra. ty knows it. i know it. i can spot him a mile away, (just ask ty) and i've screamed at him, held baby lucy up in the air waving at him, let's just say we've connected on many levels.  i know deep in my heart that the love is reciprocal. who needs a superstar soccer wife? mia hamm who?

anyway, there has always been a special place in my heart for nomar- red sox player or not. i still rooted for him on his other teams, but when they announced that he signed a 1-day contract with the red sox so he could retire as a member, well, let's just say we were happy. it was a great day at our household. it doesn't matter the motivation behind the move- i don't really care. in my simple world, it seemed right.
it seemed to even overshadow some bad red sox memories, such as ted williams' headless body, and the benedict arnold known as johnny damon (poser).

yes, nomar, my favorite boston player. this one's for you. 


deep thoughts at 5am

sometime i can't go back to sleep after nursing phoebe. sometimes i get on google reader and read people's posts- and then i get them jumbled up. i can't remember who is having a baby, who redecorated their house, who is going on a trip, yesterday i could have sworn that my friend built shelves for her baby room and my sister-in-law had the baby. holy moly, i'm tired.

but as scary as this is, here are a list of random things that happened this week:
  • i used my great quacamole recipe twice as my avacados are over ripe.
  • i caught a cold. not a major one, but sucky nonetheless. i know, isn't EVERYONE sick right now?
  • phoebe has the aforementioned cold, not fun. poor girl.
  • lucy is smart, and funny, and has long legs and beautiful pointed feet and rhythm and musicality. i'm jealous.
  • abby poops in her diaper all day long now. oh well, not dissapointed. it is much easier to just change a diaper.
  • before i caught this cold i was working out everyday. it has been awesome to feel like my old self again.
  • phoebe is fussing again, time to go dear blog. maybe i'll get some more sleep today? right.
pictures like this make me wonder what these girls are going to do to me in 10 years.
you gotta love how scared phoebe looks


i can do it all by myselfs

abby is always cracking us up. for example, she dressed herself for this afternoon's bike ride on the porch while phoebe napped:
hmmm, i'm pretty sure the fly is supposed to be in the front. but a+ for effort abbs!


thanks to you guys

ty's bro stopped by tonight to pick up his laundry and play pirates or peter pan with the girls (their favorite games right now). as he was leaving he mentioned he was going bowling with his girlfriend chelsea. the girls' eyes popped open wide and they jumped all over him screaming "CAN WE GO?" can we go? CAN WE GOOOOOO?"  he then looked at me quizzically, because, sometimes, i am a nazi mom & am known to not let my kids do social things as to keep them on a schedule. hey, it works for me. but today, i threw caution to the wind. "SURE!" i exclaimed, "why not? and while you're at it, i've got some coupons and you can get them dinner too!" they were all so excited. (thanks aunt hatty for the coupons!)

seeing as ty was out of town for the day and i was drowning in a sea of dirty laundry, diapers, brown swipes on the wall (i tried not to guess) and dirty dishes, i could see a light at the end of the tunnel. freedom. time. quiet. peace.

phoebes and i spent some lovely one on one time trying to roll over (she did it the first time this morning!) and drooling on toys as i scooched her from one room to the next. i felt like i was actually accomplishing something! i could see the floors of their rooms! i could see the laundry baskets as they weren't overflowing! no more brown swipes on the walls! (i'm still trying really hard not to guess)

i gave phoebe her bath, right on the dot at 5:00, rocked her, nursed her, squished her chubby thighs one last time and sent her off to dreamland at 6:00, her current bedtime. thank to schedules and all that is awesome on this earth, i love early bedtimes.

and this is what the girls were up to while i was washing their dirty clothes and picking up crayon wrappers.



23 weeks

we just love how much phoebe growls at things she likes. like this fruit snack wrapper- played with it for a solid hour and cried when i took it away. who needs toys?

and it's no wonder she growls- i sound pretty manly in this clip.


slow on the uptake

i know i'm a little behind the times, but when i find bands like this and music videos like this it seems like i've been hiding underneath a rock the size of texas.

we love these because the girls can watch them with us. no booty shaking at all.

*post edit* my brother just informed me that the treadmill song is so old it's even a rockband song. he gave up all hope on me when i told him we don't have/play rockband. boring, party of one? your table is ready.


dear mouse,

apparently i was a little mistaken calling you mr. mouse as you are a mrs. mouse and had the nerve to have BABIES in our outside bushes. and one of your spawn was stupid enough to run into our kitchen during dinner time tonight.

i'm fine with you outside, but once you cross my threshold. well, let's just say the gloves are off my friend. the gloves are off.  it's war.


ps- don't be fooled by ty's smile, we are praying for that stupid cat to EAT you and ALL OF YOUR KIDS TOO.


if it wasn't for this, polygamy wouldn't sound all that bad

somedays i just couldn't survive without our swing. it has solved many of my 'too many tasks for too few hands' problems. such as:

baby is hungry but you need 5 minutes to do your preschooler's hair?:  THE SWING!
baby is tired but you have to cook up the dinner before it simmers for 30 minutes?: THE SWING!
need to talk to you neighbor outside in the freezing weather?: THE SWING!
need to take a shower?: THE SWING!
baby is wanting you to hold her but you need to put together a hello kitty puzzle? THE SWING!

the girls constantly want to hold her and help, but considering the fact that phoebe weighs more than both of them (dead weight) i'm her only option during the day. and you can bet your bottom dollar when ty walks in the door i yell, "OH! daddy is here! guess what daddy? phoebe has been DYING to see you!"


soy what's your problem again?

last week i ventured into the health food store for a few purchases.  while walking down an aisle i cornered a saleswoman and asked if she had any good soy protein powders on sale. at the word soy, her head cocked to the side, her shoulders raised and her nose scrunched up, "why do you need SOY?"

i casually mentioned that i need it for my shakes as my nursing baby doesn't handle cow's milk very well. oh dear, when she realized i was feeding a nursing baby secondhand SOY her eyes almost bulged out of her head and she gasped, "oh! you are nursing a baby on SOY?"

she looked at me like i'm pouring straight bourbon down phoebe's gullet.

"um, is there a better option?"- i asked. because, you know, i didn't want to seem STUPID about SOY.

anyways, i have been using whey protein powder and even though it is from cow's milk phoebe has been fine.

anyone want to enlighten me as to the inherent danger of SOY and how it could destroy my life as i know it?
*post edit* i removed my description of the employees as i felt i was a little harsh on the hippie vegetarians- there is nothing wrong with being a hippie vegetarian, as long as you shave your pitts.
(i'd add in legs, but mine are pretty hairy right now)

if you're happy and you know it clap your hands

the sun is shining

the birds are chirping

the sun is really, truly shining!

which means SPRING is just around the corner. and in utah, 'around the corner' means we have 2 more snowfalls left (or more).
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