aaaaand, everything is all right now

it is no secret that i have a school-girl crush on nomar garciaparra. ty knows it. i know it. i can spot him a mile away, (just ask ty) and i've screamed at him, held baby lucy up in the air waving at him, let's just say we've connected on many levels.  i know deep in my heart that the love is reciprocal. who needs a superstar soccer wife? mia hamm who?

anyway, there has always been a special place in my heart for nomar- red sox player or not. i still rooted for him on his other teams, but when they announced that he signed a 1-day contract with the red sox so he could retire as a member, well, let's just say we were happy. it was a great day at our household. it doesn't matter the motivation behind the move- i don't really care. in my simple world, it seemed right.
it seemed to even overshadow some bad red sox memories, such as ted williams' headless body, and the benedict arnold known as johnny damon (poser).

yes, nomar, my favorite boston player. this one's for you. 

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Austrie said...

bahahah! love it.

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