if it wasn't for this, polygamy wouldn't sound all that bad

somedays i just couldn't survive without our swing. it has solved many of my 'too many tasks for too few hands' problems. such as:

baby is hungry but you need 5 minutes to do your preschooler's hair?:  THE SWING!
baby is tired but you have to cook up the dinner before it simmers for 30 minutes?: THE SWING!
need to talk to you neighbor outside in the freezing weather?: THE SWING!
need to take a shower?: THE SWING!
baby is wanting you to hold her but you need to put together a hello kitty puzzle? THE SWING!

the girls constantly want to hold her and help, but considering the fact that phoebe weighs more than both of them (dead weight) i'm her only option during the day. and you can bet your bottom dollar when ty walks in the door i yell, "OH! daddy is here! guess what daddy? phoebe has been DYING to see you!"


Rawson Family said...

Gotta Love the swing!

Bowler Family said...

Count your blessings!! Ella HATED her swing.... but she DIES to see daddy at the end of the day too. :)

Terril Family said...

That was my lifesaver too! And I think every baby DIES to see their daddy at the end of the day ;)

Tiffany said...

Ha ha. I always joke that I would love to have a "sister wife" just to help me out!

Lauren said...

Lol.. nice. Love the swing. :)

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