slow on the uptake

i know i'm a little behind the times, but when i find bands like this and music videos like this it seems like i've been hiding underneath a rock the size of texas.

we love these because the girls can watch them with us. no booty shaking at all.

*post edit* my brother just informed me that the treadmill song is so old it's even a rockband song. he gave up all hope on me when i told him we don't have/play rockband. boring, party of one? your table is ready.


Anonymous said...

I love that you shared these. THey are great!! I too must have been under a rock since today is the first day that I have seen/heard this band. I do have to chastise you a bit though for "introducing" me to the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog. I can't get off there!! You are so busted! J/K Thanks. I am sure that Nathan with thank you when he comes home to no dinner and me reading about a modern age pioneer woman. :)

Tam said...

don't feel alone under your rock. i just learned about that band yesterday. and we don't have rock band either, but i want it.

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