soy what's your problem again?

last week i ventured into the health food store for a few purchases.  while walking down an aisle i cornered a saleswoman and asked if she had any good soy protein powders on sale. at the word soy, her head cocked to the side, her shoulders raised and her nose scrunched up, "why do you need SOY?"

i casually mentioned that i need it for my shakes as my nursing baby doesn't handle cow's milk very well. oh dear, when she realized i was feeding a nursing baby secondhand SOY her eyes almost bulged out of her head and she gasped, "oh! you are nursing a baby on SOY?"

she looked at me like i'm pouring straight bourbon down phoebe's gullet.

"um, is there a better option?"- i asked. because, you know, i didn't want to seem STUPID about SOY.

anyways, i have been using whey protein powder and even though it is from cow's milk phoebe has been fine.

anyone want to enlighten me as to the inherent danger of SOY and how it could destroy my life as i know it?
*post edit* i removed my description of the employees as i felt i was a little harsh on the hippie vegetarians- there is nothing wrong with being a hippie vegetarian, as long as you shave your pitts.
(i'd add in legs, but mine are pretty hairy right now)


Ginny said...
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Danna Banana said...

I read something about soy mimicking estrogen in the body. Acting like a hormone.
I don't appreciate her dismissive tone. Tell her that customer service is more important than the "dangers" of soy.

Deborah said...

actually--I'm really really glad she steered you toward the whey-- soy is really really bad--the hormone/estrogen thing mostly plus it is anti-thyroid. there are a couple of really good articles on the weston a price foundation website here: (probably more there than you EVER wanted to know but....) scroll down for several articles--if you read only one read the one entitled "Soy--birth control pills for babies"

Annie Leavitt said...

thanks aunt deb!

Deborah said...

and FYI whey isn't usually a problem because it's either the casein ( one of the milk proteins)and or lactose( milk sugar) that cause tummy problems--whey has neither

Amanda Monk said...

Very true-soy is actually only female? If that makes sense? Bee's don't pollonate them- they tend to make men and women go through puberty-haha not really but you get it. hormones is the word

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had no idea that soy was dangerous for babies. Good to know,now I can save myself the look at the health food store. Jaxon has been so gassy at night that I have been thinking of switching to soy, but I didn't know it wasn't safe for nursing babies.

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