thanks to you guys

ty's bro stopped by tonight to pick up his laundry and play pirates or peter pan with the girls (their favorite games right now). as he was leaving he mentioned he was going bowling with his girlfriend chelsea. the girls' eyes popped open wide and they jumped all over him screaming "CAN WE GO?" can we go? CAN WE GOOOOOO?"  he then looked at me quizzically, because, sometimes, i am a nazi mom & am known to not let my kids do social things as to keep them on a schedule. hey, it works for me. but today, i threw caution to the wind. "SURE!" i exclaimed, "why not? and while you're at it, i've got some coupons and you can get them dinner too!" they were all so excited. (thanks aunt hatty for the coupons!)

seeing as ty was out of town for the day and i was drowning in a sea of dirty laundry, diapers, brown swipes on the wall (i tried not to guess) and dirty dishes, i could see a light at the end of the tunnel. freedom. time. quiet. peace.

phoebes and i spent some lovely one on one time trying to roll over (she did it the first time this morning!) and drooling on toys as i scooched her from one room to the next. i felt like i was actually accomplishing something! i could see the floors of their rooms! i could see the laundry baskets as they weren't overflowing! no more brown swipes on the walls! (i'm still trying really hard not to guess)

i gave phoebe her bath, right on the dot at 5:00, rocked her, nursed her, squished her chubby thighs one last time and sent her off to dreamland at 6:00, her current bedtime. thank to schedules and all that is awesome on this earth, i love early bedtimes.

and this is what the girls were up to while i was washing their dirty clothes and picking up crayon wrappers.



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It must be so wonderful to have siblings so willing to play with your kids so you can get things done. Good for you and Hooray for routine!

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