when daddy gets the camera...

 phoebe is still sick so ty and i had to do the old switcheroo during church. he took first hour, i did the last two. when i got home he said, "phoebe rolled over again, and i got some pictures of it." "pictures?" i asked. "yeah, it was funny, at first she was high centered on a toy, but then she endoed"

for all of you who DON"T have motorhead husbands and are confused:



and those are the only pictures he took. i love my husband.


Terril Family said...

I understand, thats the language that gets spoken at our house too :) Ha! Congrats to Phoebe for her first roll-over :)

Rach said...

Annie this is hilarious! Now there are words for those weird awkward positions those little kids get into. She is growing too fast.

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