you are what you subscribe to

as luck would have it, most of our magazine subscriptions are expired or expiring within the month. i call it luck because then i don't have to fill out change of address forms, i am going to be lazy and wait till we've moved to renew them.  i was writing down our list of current subscriptions, and our wish list.
RUNNER'S WORLD (not going to renew)
HUNTIN' FOOL (dead serious)
wish list:

what are your favorite subscriptions?  any suggestions?

thanks to my camelback, pepper spray and john denver on my ipod- today's hike was much easier.


Turbo said...

I read just about everything that Conde Nast publishes, even the women's magazines. Hehehe. It is mostly because I get them all for free, through my Coke Rewards (kind of pathetic, I know). My favorites are probably Wired, GQ and W. W, primarily for the photography, but not so much for the copy.

my name is becky kelly said...

Shanan was subscribed to Eastman's bow hunting journal, then we've been doing Dave Ramse's "total money makeover" and he was so so sad to not renew that subscription. Once we're out of debt (which is so close we can taste it!), that is first on the list! Other than that, it's only the Ensign and and Friend. My Dad subscribed to the Huntin' Fool, so before he went on his mission, he would pass them onto Shanan when he was done with them. That worked out nicely for Shanan :) hopefully that picks up again once he gets back :)

Lara said...

I get Martha Stewart Living and LOVE it! You should totally subsicribe!

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