get out of the city!

it's official: i am procrastinating like it's my full time job with benefits, maternity leave and a time share in the bahamas.

but it is coming to an end. time to do work girl.

playing with my kids.
visiting my friends.

we are so close to the finish line i have to do my "how do we use up all our food?" menu. and close to "buying paper plates for the last week" phase. and don't forget the "pick out 7 outfits for everyone and pack up all the rest" funsies.

dear blog, you are getting a little break here. unless someone does something really funny/hilarious/memorable/fascinating, it's not getting on here. oh, except i have to mention this: ty's mom called yesterday. guess what they found under the living/dining room carpet?  tongue and groove hardwood floors. we bought ice cream last night to celebrate this good news as ty is equally as excited. yipppeee!

so, peace. for now.

*someone please tell me they know what tv show my post title is from.
it was one of our FAVORITES growing up. fo sho.


wax on...wax off

because i can never get too many pictures of the phoebes.
and ty agreed with me- she is so pulling off the karate kid look in this headband.
in okinawa, all miyagi know two things: fish and karate.


knocking down the list

we have a list of things we HAVE to do before the move (ugh) 
one of them is hiking the Y again as an entire family. 

the best part- is abby would intermittently say, "i'm tired, i need some water" while riding in the stinkin kelty!
lucy, who hiked in converse by the way, was jumping, skipping and singing the entire way up and down. SHE LOVED IT. and i'll admit, that makes ty and i really happy.
phoebe wasn't happy on the way up, but ok on the way down. because i might have nursed her at the top. woops, tmi.


so much to do, so little time to blog about it

where do i start off? i feel like i'm picking up my journal and writing in it after 3 years. first off, this weekend was awesome. so fun to be with family and friends and see ty get his well earned sheepskin.  oh, what  a relief.  i don't know who was more proud, me or our parents. they were grinning ear to ear the entire time. and i must admit, when the stupid graduation march song came on my eyes got all misty.

so what next? we have about 12 weeks worth of packing-working-and living it up and only 3 weeks to do it in. blast. this is when that magically pudgy fairy god-mother would so help out, well, her or mary poppins' snapping fingers.

some things i don't want to forget: how proud i am of ty, how much we appreciate all the love, support and prayers from our families, how we all fell asleep and almost missed commencement, ty's awesome seats in the tabernacle where the girls could see him the entire time (thanks rod and camille for going early!), how much i love short and to-the-point talks, how we didn't get our cute after graduation family pictures because it was cold and rainy,  how handsome ty looked in his cap and gown when i thought he'd look like a goob, how much i love this ward we live in how beautiful the weather is in provo from now till august. and much, much more.

look ty, is the one with the blue cap and gown on. ha ha ha ha.
and look what popped up in our yard on saturday evening while we were out. 
if i said that it didn't bother me at all and i didn't cry when i saw it, then i would be lying.
i bawled like a baby.

*ps* if anyone knows a byu student family looking for an awesome place to live- call the number above asap. available june 1st.


cap, check. gown, check. stress, check.

blogging is slow right now as we are in full throttle graduation mode here. family is in town. people are at our house all day long visiting (i love this) and the girls and fantastically occupied all hours of the day.

 my favorite quote from today:
"there are no ordinary people"  Elder D. Todd Christofferson. 
(not meaning everyone is strange, but everyone is exceptional in their own right) amen.


well lookie there!

the awesome gabrielle from designmom  featured my birth story here.

huzzah! this totally redeems that highlights rejection i got for my rebus story 5 years ago.

thanks designmom!

*not my roses* just dreaming.

seen and heard

ooh! look mom, bossoms [blossoms]!

 it is soooo hot outside [it was 78*]!
i'm afraid we're in for a long summer down south


baby blues

no this post isn't about post partum depression, thankfully i skirted around that sucker this time with phoebes. it's about our girls' eyes. all were born with blue eyes. abby and lucy's both morphed into greys and then crazy hazel colors. i mean, really crazy.

but phoebe deebee?  i'm still cautious to say they are staying. i'm waiting for my sister-in-law jill to see them. she is my official eyecolorchangingforbabies expert.

 what do you think jill? did i finally get my blue eyed, brown haired girl?


stinky flowers, anniversary and a mouse in the house

today was a glorious spring day. blossoms are bursting over all the trees, birds chirping, sun shining, GLORIOUS. but these blossoms by our church- well, we thought they would make a great bouquet so we gather them, we get them home, and...they smell like crap. honestly, disgusting. i had to put the vase outside. i told ty, "these smell the anatomy lab!" he said they smell "like butt". uck uck uck. and we have a mouse, a big, fat, very brave mouse that has the nerve to run all over the place right in front of me. FYI- you're going down dude. soon.

more importantly 7 years ago today ty and i were married in the St. George LDS temple. that was the day i married my best friend. i love my husband SOO  much, we are SOULMATES, we are SO in love. blah blah blah. i have no idea (nor care) whether we are more in love than some or less in love than others, i only know us. and i think we are pretty rad.

so to make this anniversary post extra special, here is a list of things that we put up with each other everyday, and yet we STILL are happy.

  • drives like a granny in the city. on dirt he's robby gordon, but any metropolis over 50k and he's putt putt putting all over. 
  • has WAY too many hobbies. like, 6 of them, that are very expensive and time consuming.
  • he won't eat mushrooms, celery or lettuce. the staples to say, oh, 90% of wife's recipes.
  • he snores.
  • has to have irish spring bar soap
  • likes scrambled eggs instead of poached
  • likes crispy burnt bacon

  • never finishes anything. ANYTHING. can't even shut cupboards or close drawers when she's cooking.
  • talks incessantly, and especially at night when husband is dead tired
  • has an opinion about everything, and is usually right (author took some liberties on that one)
  • flies by the seat of her pants-you never know when stuff is going on or who's coming over or where she is.
  • leaves diapers lying around the house.
  • undercooks chicken on a  regular basis
  • has to have a loofah and body wash
  • likes runny poached eggs instead of scrambled
  • likes juicy fatty bacon

actually- the last point defines our marriage perfectly. it's all a compromise- he eats the crispy bacon and i polish off the fatty and everyone's happy.



happy friday indeed

this week slurched to a horrible start with sick kiddos up all night feverish and huking and hacking. but today is rounding it out just perfectly. the girls "seem" to be getting a little bit better, ty and i went out for our anniversary last night, i received THE nicest compliments about my writing that made my entire month/year/lifetime/eternity and to top it all off i lost 2 pounds.

now that phoebe is feeling better her appetite is back with a vengeance and we introduced the "biter biscuit" which is basically a processed cookie for babies. but guess what? i get 5 minutes of her being happy while i can get dinner ready or do a load of dishes. HOLLA.

with all our kids this biscuit is a blessing and a curse. yes, i get aforementioned 5 free minutes but they get everywhere and when they dry it's worse that crazy glue. hence the shirtless phoebe. ty and i still think these things are made out of flour, water, and paste.

i dropped something and bent down to pick it up and couldn't resist taking a snap of her chubby belly and legs squished under the tray. now why doesn't that look cute on me?


public service announcement

if you live within a reasonable driving distance of salt lake city, and are in need of a great night out and REAL art exposure, please go see Ballet West's performance this friday or saturday. 
you won't regret it. if so, i'll refund your ticket price. promise.

it was pure perfection all around.
in all my life, best ballet performance i've ever seen live. ever, ever, ever.

*if you are a student you can show up last minute and get student rush tickets w/ ID for about $12.


irritations by number

  1. public displays of affection: also known as PDA. hugging:fine. peck on the cheek:fine, holding hands: fine-anything more than that? blech. get a room.
  2. kissing photos. probably a stem off of #1. i have never been able to stand them. i'm starting to think i might have intimacy issues. hmm.
  3. spring in utah. snow sucks.
  4. martha stewart. besides the fact that she has God-like powers, deep down i feel that she's just a fraudulent, insufferable, know-it-all.
  5. moving. i personally believe hell is going to consist of 3 sections-1.  the DMV, 2. packing up your entire life into boxes, and 3. saying goodbye to people you love over and over and over again.
  6. people who talk really nice to you when they are actually saying something mean. is there a word for that? it bugs.
  7. gossip. i don't want to know anymore why so and so got divorced or came home from their mission. does it really matter anyways?
  8. dr's who induce for non-medical reasons. i'm sorry, but uncomfortable and tired don't count.
  9. sick kids. no explanation necessary.
  10. people who only rent movies at the library. fahreak people. read.read.read.read.read.
  11. doing girls' hair- oh my, if i hear one more whine about tangles. argggghhh! they act like i get pleasure out of their suffering. as if. bobs are coming soon.
  12. murphy's law: my landlord only stops by on days that my house is a pig-sty. 
  13. overzealous photo editing: lately i think a lot of photographers go a little overboard with photoshop or whatever thingy that makes your eyes look like a diamond mine. and i'm foretelling that in 10 years or so it is going to look very dated. remember glamour shots? or the kindergarten pictures with your floating profile head in the upper corner? yeah, unnatural AND wrong. 
  14. blogging. i love this blog, i love to write down things that i want to remember about our kids and life, but i don't like the anonymity of it. i appreciate it when people just come out and say, "hey! i read your blog!"although it's always funny to me when friends and neighbors know 100x more things about me then necesssary or healthy. oh well, such is the nature of the blogging beast. 
  15. DISHES. my motivation to move is propelled by the fact that in a month i will not only have a dishwasher (wahoo!) but a dish disposal to boot (double wahoo!).  
  16. medical receptionists that rub it in that you've waited too long to get an appointment anytime soon. seriously, i'm paying YOU money my dear. i honestly said today, "how about you just MAKE the appointment" (i wanted to add, "...and shut it!", but i'm working on being more gracious)


the seven year itch

this week marks our seventh anniversary. fortunately, while going through old books and notebooks to pack last week i found my notes from a shakespeare class taken in college. next to sonnet numbet 116 was this note: "i love this sonnet. i want it recited at my wedding day." it even had little scribbles and asterisks next to it. we married 7 months later, but never did remember to have it read.

well, better late than never:

LET me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,         5
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love ’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;  10
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
  If this be error, and upon me prov’d,
  I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d.
William Shakespeare: Sonnet CXVI.

i'm happy to say that i still feel that way today, and even more so.

i love my husband, and i love our marriage.

cheesy post has now ended.


lest i forget

life has been busy around here these past few weeks. with the holiday and phoebe getting all SICK on us, and then abby following suit, i'm exhausted.

but i don't want to forget that i have still been hiking the Y (almost) everyday. the few times i have missed is because the weather went all FREAK SNOW STORM! on me. the first 2 times of that i took a free pass out of jail, but i got sick of not going and just went. rachel and i made it halfway one morning but turned back because we almost died. and then the next day my friend kara and i went (i have all these great friends going with me : ) and took us forever to get down as i almost died (not joking) three times. stupid snow.

once the snow disappeared i was up all hours of the night feeding phoebe, and i've noticed that with all this exercise i've been doing i'm drying out? is that possible? me the milk cow drying out? i've never had this problem before, so i'm wondering about cutting back a few days and only going 3-4 times a week.

seeing as hiking has put me in awesome shape for running already and i'm timing myself on the way up and down. funners! on top of hiking the Y i'm hitting up a pump class twice a week and running 3 times a week. kind of a bit much.

so here i am, in a quandary, do i keep it up everyday or accept that 3 times a week is rad? especially if i'm running the other days.  anyhoos, enough about me, abby's on the mend, phoebe's feeling better and if i prop her arms under her she can balance like this for about .5 seconds.

looks like we've got another non-mover in the family. AWESOME.


a collection of seen and heards

our two oldest girls have been in the background for a lot of this blog lately. everything is PHOEBE! or ME! but lucy and abby still crack us up everyday. so this post is for the grandparents:

when i'm grown up, will you give me your potato recipe?
when i'm a mom, i'm going to buy all the toys that i want, and play with them all day long.
look mom! i can read this book! and she can, sigh.
i can't wait to see biscuit!  our puppy who is patiently waiting for us (thanks camille!)

someone come and wiiipe my bottom? yup, she's potty trained.
phoebe has an ear inspection! (infection)
oooh! a robber! (they both say this anytime anyone walks past our front window-which is about 300 times a day.
can i go swing? i'm considering swingaholics anonymous for her.
can i have more butter?
helloooo phoebe deebeedeeebeeees! 
whooooo is thaaat girl i seee, staring straight, baaaack at meeeee? when will my refection shoooow who i ammm insiiiiiiiide? sung to the mulan song. thanks curtis cousin's for the princess cd soundtrack, i think.


you can take the girl out of the ballet...

April 8, 2010  |  6:00 p.m.  |  Capitol Theatre

Don't miss an enlightening evening with Leigh Witchel, Head Dance Writer for The New York Post and a respected scholar, choreographer and dancer.
Learn about how George Balanchine revolutionized the world of ballet and created the American neo-classical style.  This engaging lecture will also include insights and reminiscences by two of Balanchine’s former ballerinas and current stagers of his work, Elyse Borne and Victoria Simon.  The discussion is a perfect introduction to Ballet West’s spring production of Balanchine’s America.

Understanding Balanchine is a free event and open to the public.

Lately I've been really trying to take full advantage of our location and the activities available to me. this email came last week. i thought, hmmm, educational and FREE! did i want to drive to salt lake city tonight to attend this? no. i wanted to stay home in my pjs, lay on the couch and polish off the girls' easter candy.
but i got jandee to tag along and it ended up being a wonderful and inspiring and educational (a threefer) girls night out. a much needed one i might add. it was SO AWESOME. i guess you'd have to be a complete ballet nut to love it though.

i came home and ty asked, "what was it again?" 

and i explained, 
"it would be like for you, meeting babe ruth's teammates and hearing them talk about his batting form, game strategies and philosophy on baseball and how he really was as a person." 

 "oh, cool". 

yes, it was cool cool cool. and did i mention we rubbed shoulders with the artistic director? 

cooler than cool. 

*sidenote* leigh witchel was, in my opinion, a tad ostentatious.
but hearing former balanchine dancers speak? beautiful.

what to do after easter is over

when you are bored you can sit in an easter basket:
 i don't know if my butt is that small (oh heck, i KNOW it isn't) but abby's is. she did this for a good while yesterday morning.

or, you can make chinese rice with your leftover eggs:
 there is no recipe, we just mix together cooked brown rice,  warm peas, crumbled bacon and hard boiled eggs. it's a weekly family favorite. ( and yes, i am aware that it is not technically "chinese", but that's what we call it so there)

or you could brag about your easter baskets:
this year i was in the market for "new" ones as they have to all be matching (as does everything else in the house for the next 15 years). i found these copper baskets at none other than the local Honk's dollar store ($1 dollar each. hello!). i'm thinking about going back and buying a bunch more just to have some back ups. they were small, but perfect. not too much candy room at all. we (or the easter bunny) didn't bring any toys, just candy as we are usually pretty stingy about candy around the house. that's what holidays are for right? SUGAR!


that old hat is still around

we took this picture on friday. phoebe was still happy and squishy and fun to be around.
but she loves ty's boston hats, just as the other girls have too.
i thought these pictures were too cute to not post.

come to think of it, sucking on that old dish-rag of a hat is probably where she got the bacteria that made her sickie poo poos.
c'mon amoxicillin, do your thang.

some people call me the sleep nazi, and they're right

early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. you've heard it before, blah blah blah. but is it true?

for me it is, but in our case, makes you SANE. phoebe has been sick this entire weekend, which means more night time feedings, more holding, and more fussing. she is just not her usual happy self. and it's not just because of the fever, she isn't SLEEPING enough.

and as a parent, my entire household and parenting skills revolve around one thing, schedules, naps and early bedtimes. i do not, nor ever have, think that this works for everyone, parents do their thing and if you're happy i'm chill with that. but for ty and i sleep means everything.

happy baby, happy children, happy parents. happy happy happy. which brings me to what we refer to as the "sleep bible" around our house. yes, it sits on my bedsite table right next to my scriptures. it is marked and flagged and dog-eared and worn from many readings. why do i read it so much? because i always forget, or start to slip back into bad habits. it will start to show with the girls, and i realize i've got to get back in the saddle.

the book is HEALTHY SLEEP HABITS, HAPPY CHILD. and that aint no joke my friends. this is a book you should judge by it's cover. sure it's a little disorganized so you have to read it over nad over and over again. i've talked about it before on the blog but can't remember when and where. i'll find it later.

it all happened when lucy was 10mos old, she wasn't on a schedule and going to bed at 10pm, but that wasn't such a big deal as we only had one child. but she was getting fussier, and fussier, shorter attention span, more of a temper, and just not as fun as she used to. and i always have been able to say, "wow, this sucks. maybe i'm doing something wrong?" story of my life. so i talked to a bunch of people about it, & my cousin recommended this book. oh, it is the most blessed thing to happen to me as a parent, besides birthing my monkeys.  and ty agrees wholeheartedly. when we have a friend have a baby shower i ask, "should i give them an outfit or THE BOOK?", he always says, "THE BOOK". because for him as a husband, our schedule goes like this,

  • -phoebe is in bed asleep by 5:30-6pm. last night is was 5pm. she nurses once between 2-4am, and wakes up between 7-8am. it's amazing. every night i don't believe she is going to sleep that long, but guess what fools? she does!
  • -the girls go to bed at 7pm-asleep by 8:30 (they talk a lot-hmmm, must get it from ty)
  • -ty and i get 3-4 HOURS every night alone before i hit the hay. 3-4 HOURS people. yeah, it's pretty amazing. sure he does homework and i read, clean or watch a movie. but it is a relaxing, quiet time. it is a sacred time. it is so very amazing. ( i know i already said that, but it is)
the most important aspects of this book is it covers all different types of parenting styles, whether you cosleep, share a room, want to let the "cry it out" or use a graduated method where you slowly move out of the room a little each night, it works  for everyone. but it this is the crappy part, IT IS ALL UP TO YOU AS THE PARENT. i know right? more stuff to have to work on. the more consistent i can be with keeping their schedules and getting home on time to give them their naps in the day, & a bath and read books at night before bed. the better it is.

i am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, where i have complete control over their schedules, routines and being home. they get naps because we are always home, very annoying for some, but it works for us. they go to bed at the same time every night, because i make sure we are always home. kind of a buzz kill on your social life, but we save money with babysitting because all she has to do is sit and watch tv while the girls sleep.

so if you ever come up to me and say,  "wow, your kids are so happy, and so well behaved," or "they go to bed AT WHAT TIME?" i'll smile and say, read this book!  but it's just like any other quality of living. anyone can ask, "wow, how do they get so trim & healthy? they'll tell you, "i exercise and eat good foods."  well crap, i knew that, tell me something i don't know.

it's the DOING that's the hard part. because it's a habit, which means you conistently are choosing that habit, over your old ones. and any time you choose to do something good for you, ( keeping a clean house, going to church, reading your scriptures, serving others, getting an education, going to the dentist, cooking your own meals, etc. etc. etc.) it ALWAYS gets worse before it gets better. you crave the sugary foods more than ever, you want to sleep in instead of going working out, you want to go to the lake instead of church, you want to eat out, you want to go out and do stuff all during the day instead of coming home and giving the girls a nap, you want life to be EASIER.  but once you see RESULTS it is so worth it. healthy people make the choices they do because it's more worth it to them than to choose otherwise. people attend, and graduate from college because they know, that even though it sucks, it will be worth it in the end. we have been having the girls on a schedule for so long we see the RESULTS and it is more worth it for us to have a schedule than to not. it's the doing, not just the saying and thinking about it.

as my mother always says, the proof is in the pudding.  


i'm all domestic now

on the journey towards self sufficiency and ending the continual rip off i get from marketed stuff, i ventured to the land of:


at first i was like, whaaat?, and envisioned myself scrubbing clothes with a bar of soap and rocks in a muddy lake and then pulling leeches out of my underpants. 

but, seriously, smartest thing i have ever done. the soap ingredients cost #3.00 bucket cost approximately $7. all in all it cost me $10.00 to make a 1 year supply of laundry soap.   plus some minor mixing and making. a steal!

i was a little wary as our girls are known to be quite sensitive to harsh detergents and stuff, but this soap is LEGIT.  smells great, mild, and cleans. awesome all around.

recipe here: most ingredients can be found at grocery store or an ace hardware store.

Hot water
10 gallon bucket with lid 
1 cup Washing Soda
1/2 cup Borax
1 Soap bar
( i used Fels Naptha Bar Soap, but next time want to use Ivory)
  • Grate the bar soap and add to a large saucepan with hot water. Stir over medium-low heat until soap dissolves and is melted.
  • Fill a 10 gallon pail half full of hot water. Add the melted soap, Borax and Washing soda, stir well until all powder is dissolved. Top the pail up with more hot water.
  • Use 1 cup per load, stirring soap before each use (will gel). *note* i used a 5 gallon bucket and use only 1/2 cup per load as it is concentrated.

my only dilemma, i have a one year supply of soap, but wake up in the night sweating about using them on my new front loading washer and dryer. lots of people say it's "ok" and works just fine (and the soap is VERY low sudsing) but i just don't know if i trust it. i've never had a brand new washer and dryer before, like, eva.

*post edit* this ehow article is giving me hope. 


easter and everything else

we had an amazing, eventful, wonderful, tiring weekend that consisted of the regular traditions, like dying eggs, staying up till midnight getting baskets all nice and purty, and eating deviled eggs and ham on sunday.

some new things for us on easter this year were, in no particular order, SNOW! (ugh), going to conference with ty, finding the eggs at evelyn's house, watching abby consume her entire basket during general conference,  succesfully making my mom's beloved and daunting dinner rolls for all of ty's family, and finding a deliciously fattening potatoe recipe that is a must for next year too.
do you ever have days where you think you look nice. you look in the mirror and confirm the thought that you look nice,  but in a picture from that same day you look like run over rabbit guts?
yeah, that's me in this one. i promise, i WAS happy to be there.
and i've been wanting a picture of this building in SLC for a long time now. is this old or new? 
i don't care, i like it anyways.
and i must say that i love easter, and not just because of cadbury eggs and reese's peanut butter eggs, i love celebrating easter and remembering that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, who suffered and died for my sins, and was resurrected so that i can live again.
now what's not beautiful about that?


good friday

lucy found this recipe in our family fun magazine and we realized we had every ingredient except one- so we purchased the currant berries and went at it.

i felt a little like the red hen where no one really wanted to "help", just "eat" and put on the frosting. i understand the frustration as they are a lot like my mom's dinner rolls and need to rise twice, so start to finish is a good 4+ hours. all in all, a great & fun project.

definitely a permanent easter tradition from now on.
and these flowers have nothing to do with the recipe.
but let's just say sometimes it PAYS to put your husband in the dog house.


can you blame me?

today i did NOT hike the Y.  i made a goal, i didn't sign a death wish.
i'm praying for better weather tomorrow...i actually missed not being up there today.
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