i'm all domestic now

on the journey towards self sufficiency and ending the continual rip off i get from marketed stuff, i ventured to the land of:


at first i was like, whaaat?, and envisioned myself scrubbing clothes with a bar of soap and rocks in a muddy lake and then pulling leeches out of my underpants. 

but, seriously, smartest thing i have ever done. the soap ingredients cost #3.00 bucket cost approximately $7. all in all it cost me $10.00 to make a 1 year supply of laundry soap.   plus some minor mixing and making. a steal!

i was a little wary as our girls are known to be quite sensitive to harsh detergents and stuff, but this soap is LEGIT.  smells great, mild, and cleans. awesome all around.

recipe here: most ingredients can be found at grocery store or an ace hardware store.

Hot water
10 gallon bucket with lid 
1 cup Washing Soda
1/2 cup Borax
1 Soap bar
( i used Fels Naptha Bar Soap, but next time want to use Ivory)
  • Grate the bar soap and add to a large saucepan with hot water. Stir over medium-low heat until soap dissolves and is melted.
  • Fill a 10 gallon pail half full of hot water. Add the melted soap, Borax and Washing soda, stir well until all powder is dissolved. Top the pail up with more hot water.
  • Use 1 cup per load, stirring soap before each use (will gel). *note* i used a 5 gallon bucket and use only 1/2 cup per load as it is concentrated.

my only dilemma, i have a one year supply of soap, but wake up in the night sweating about using them on my new front loading washer and dryer. lots of people say it's "ok" and works just fine (and the soap is VERY low sudsing) but i just don't know if i trust it. i've never had a brand new washer and dryer before, like, eva.

*post edit* this ehow article is giving me hope. 


Turbo said...

I think that I saw something like this on Fightclub. Did you get this recipe from Tyler Durden? Hehe

Melanie said...

Yeah for domestic!!

The homemade stuff does work good. Glad you like it.

Stuart Humes said...

I went homemade laundry detergent about 8 months ago. We have a front load washer, so I was also wary about how it would do, but it's great! I haven't noticed that it is doing any harm to the washer or anything. Stockton suffers from the sensitive skin and so many detergents make him react, but we haven't had an issue since I switched. Oh, and while we're on the out there train, I also use distilled white vinegar as a "fabric softener" of sorts. is a great site!

ThE McNEiLs said...

I am going to try this. You can't beat one year supply for that cheap! Thanks for the tip!

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