happy friday indeed

this week slurched to a horrible start with sick kiddos up all night feverish and huking and hacking. but today is rounding it out just perfectly. the girls "seem" to be getting a little bit better, ty and i went out for our anniversary last night, i received THE nicest compliments about my writing that made my entire month/year/lifetime/eternity and to top it all off i lost 2 pounds.

now that phoebe is feeling better her appetite is back with a vengeance and we introduced the "biter biscuit" which is basically a processed cookie for babies. but guess what? i get 5 minutes of her being happy while i can get dinner ready or do a load of dishes. HOLLA.

with all our kids this biscuit is a blessing and a curse. yes, i get aforementioned 5 free minutes but they get everywhere and when they dry it's worse that crazy glue. hence the shirtless phoebe. ty and i still think these things are made out of flour, water, and paste.

i dropped something and bent down to pick it up and couldn't resist taking a snap of her chubby belly and legs squished under the tray. now why doesn't that look cute on me?


Jed Wheeler Family said...

I love the sheer look of joy on Phoebe's face. Yipeee for biter biscuits.
Happy anniversary!

Melanie said...

Ahhh, biter biscuits. :)

Cute photos (top and bottom).

my name is becky kelly said...

man, those biter biscuits... definetely a love/hate. Because if they suck on them long enough they get huge choking-hazard chunks in their mouths. and like you said, they harden like concrete. And all of that headache is worth 5 minutes?!? yes, indeed it is!
becky kelly

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