lest i forget

life has been busy around here these past few weeks. with the holiday and phoebe getting all SICK on us, and then abby following suit, i'm exhausted.

but i don't want to forget that i have still been hiking the Y (almost) everyday. the few times i have missed is because the weather went all FREAK SNOW STORM! on me. the first 2 times of that i took a free pass out of jail, but i got sick of not going and just went. rachel and i made it halfway one morning but turned back because we almost died. and then the next day my friend kara and i went (i have all these great friends going with me : ) and took us forever to get down as i almost died (not joking) three times. stupid snow.

once the snow disappeared i was up all hours of the night feeding phoebe, and i've noticed that with all this exercise i've been doing i'm drying out? is that possible? me the milk cow drying out? i've never had this problem before, so i'm wondering about cutting back a few days and only going 3-4 times a week.

seeing as hiking has put me in awesome shape for running already and i'm timing myself on the way up and down. funners! on top of hiking the Y i'm hitting up a pump class twice a week and running 3 times a week. kind of a bit much.

so here i am, in a quandary, do i keep it up everyday or accept that 3 times a week is rad? especially if i'm running the other days.  anyhoos, enough about me, abby's on the mend, phoebe's feeling better and if i prop her arms under her she can balance like this for about .5 seconds.

looks like we've got another non-mover in the family. AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

Can you hurry up and get here already so you can help get my but whipped into shape at least 3 days a week? There is no Y here , but there is an M and I hear that hike is a good work out. :)P.S. We still have and extra puppyif you are interested in a take to puppies and get a 50 lb. bag of dog food free deal :)

Melanie said...

Glad Abby's feeling better and Phoebe isn't moving around like crazy. :) Good luck with the milk thing. I always am careful to not do too much exercise-wise for the same reason. Before you know it the baby is weaned and then you can go crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to go ahead and say "moderation in all things"
Sorry about the sickies. I have one now who has kept me up the last two nights and it is not fun.

Trent & Tara said...

this photo is adorable but she always is so cute in pics. Well, at least your kids have a more extended vocabulary than I do...ha ha.I am serious though, Lucy puts me to shame. lol Nothing is worse than sick kids. And I will get to see lots more in the future with more kids. Hope Abby gets back to her corky self soon.

Anonymous said...

As long as I drink water and take my sports bra off after I work out I was fine nursing. When I stressed out...that created some milk production problems. SO I say do it because you enjoy it...but don't kill yourself by any means :)

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