you can take the girl out of the ballet...

April 8, 2010  |  6:00 p.m.  |  Capitol Theatre

Don't miss an enlightening evening with Leigh Witchel, Head Dance Writer for The New York Post and a respected scholar, choreographer and dancer.
Learn about how George Balanchine revolutionized the world of ballet and created the American neo-classical style.  This engaging lecture will also include insights and reminiscences by two of Balanchine’s former ballerinas and current stagers of his work, Elyse Borne and Victoria Simon.  The discussion is a perfect introduction to Ballet West’s spring production of Balanchine’s America.

Understanding Balanchine is a free event and open to the public.

Lately I've been really trying to take full advantage of our location and the activities available to me. this email came last week. i thought, hmmm, educational and FREE! did i want to drive to salt lake city tonight to attend this? no. i wanted to stay home in my pjs, lay on the couch and polish off the girls' easter candy.
but i got jandee to tag along and it ended up being a wonderful and inspiring and educational (a threefer) girls night out. a much needed one i might add. it was SO AWESOME. i guess you'd have to be a complete ballet nut to love it though.

i came home and ty asked, "what was it again?" 

and i explained, 
"it would be like for you, meeting babe ruth's teammates and hearing them talk about his batting form, game strategies and philosophy on baseball and how he really was as a person." 

 "oh, cool". 

yes, it was cool cool cool. and did i mention we rubbed shoulders with the artistic director? 

cooler than cool. 

*sidenote* leigh witchel was, in my opinion, a tad ostentatious.
but hearing former balanchine dancers speak? beautiful.

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