a funny thing happened

the "ghost" at the Overton Motel
his 1970 shortbed bump side has been in ty's family since it came off the lot
"guess what?" ty asked me on the phone the day after we moved.

"i don't know, what?"

"some british dude from a magazine asked me if they could take pictures of the truck tonight and tomorrow."

"what? how did that happen?"

"well, i was walking out of Ace hardware after buying new doorknobs for the shed (i'm not kidding you-small towness has taken over us already) and he was standing by the truck"

"sweet. what magazine?"

"i don't know. it started with an E, i can't really remember. it's men's fashion"

"not Esquire magazine? it wouldn't be that one, it's huge"

"yeah, that's it! esquire. you've heard of it?"

"yes, ty I've heard of it! geez. everyone has"

and that in a nutshell is my husband. so simple and sweet. i remember checking into our honeymoon, and the concierge said, "well looks like  we've upgraded you guys for free to the penthouse since it's so late."  and ty leans over and whispers, "um...what's a penthouse?"

i love him. only ty.

anyways, long story short. his truck will be featured in the october or november edition of Esquire and hopefully their big black book of fashion for the fall. i asked ty what the models were like, he said really nice, and "man, they smoke A LOT".  he got some pictures with the female model. and yes i wanted to stop eating for forever after hearing that.

in other news phoebes and i are off to HOUSTON HOUSTON HOUSTON (always singing that johnny cash song when i go there) for the weekend for my big brother's medical school graduation.

wish us luck!



yesterday was my sister sarah's 30 th birthday. hooray for her! we are going to celebrate this weekend. but with her birthday-every year- means i only have 18 months of 20's left.

yesterday was also our 12 year anniversary since our first date. note to others: city of angels is NOT a good first date movie. but we defeated the odds. so maybe others can too.

yesterday my back hurt. is this another sign of my fleeting 20's? back pain? this is a first for me. i'm chalking it up to painting ceilings and stress. yes, fixing and cleaning a house, making curtains, having anniversary and birthday parties, baby blessings, driving driving driving, and living at your mother's house can add up to lots of stress.
wahoo! i've been looking fabulous lately, can't wait to run into people i know.

every 3rd car i drive past is a pick up truck. gotta love small towns.

yesterday the girls were going bonkers. and today they are too. i told my sister in-law melanie they were pretty much awful at the store. and instead of scolding them, i got them in the car and asked, "now, who wants cookies?!!!"  i'm trying to remember we just MOVED and to leave them be for now.

speaking of food- phoebe seems to not mind transition at all as long as she's fed. awesome.

the 50th anniversary cake i made on saturday. evelyn's cake can be found here
and yes, i fully realize that i'm so behind the times because i don't use fondant.
but guess what, my cakes taste divine. so eat that.



working hard and hardly at work

the curtains are washing in the washing machine.
phoebe is napping.
the girls are playing with grandma leavitt so i can get work done.

this past week has been more than what i expected.
i wanted to get the girls room painted-i'm 1/4 of the way done. and i found out i stink at painting.
no surprise there, but still.
i wanted to get the curtains made- i'm only washing the first batch.

i was never aware before how my life is in little segments.
the girls wake up.they eat. they play. we get eggs from the chickens. pick whatever vegetables are calling out to be picked.
then phoebe is ready for her nap.
i put her down. say goodbye to the girls, wherever they may be, and drive 10 minutes to our house.
i paint and work and paint.
then drive back to nurse phoebe, put her down for her 2nd nap. feed the girls lunch. put them down for their naps.
then back in the car to try and work and paint again.

then back home for dinner, baths, bedtime.
then back to paint and work.

i'm grateful for the work. i'm grateful for the family help. i'm grateful for everything.
but i feel like after all my working- i'm still getting nothing done. and besides,
how much driving can one girl do in a day?
a full rainbow on our move to nevada
*ps* i drew a picture of how i wanted the girls closet shelves to be. ty did it PERFECTLY.
pictures coming soon.


we made it

phoebe and me
{photo by chelsea greaves}
we made it to nevada safe and sound
the girls complained that it was hot about 30 times the first day.
it was only 92*. (i'm just bracing myself for real summer)

we are in limbo over here at my mom's house waiting for some of our renovations to finish on our home.
but i'm not anxious at all, as we have a 50th anniversary party tonight.
tomorrow a 2nd birthday for cousin evelyn.
both of which i'm making cakes for.
and our friend's baby blessing on sunday.
and to top it off all of the curtains to sew.

so, a very full weekend.

we feel very blessed to be here.

and HOT.


goodbye provo

you were so very good to us.
every single one of you.
thank you.

"You have been my friends. That in itself is a tremendous thing."
- E.B. White -


till we meet again

i don't particularly like the word goodbye.
i don't like change either.

so the thought of saying goodbye to many good friends and family makes even my crusty heart hurt.  my beehives, oh my sweet little beehives. i thought i had it all together, even when kim almost made me cry in sacrament. and then my sweet little 12-13 year old girls started to give me hugs and i lost it.  i love teaching and getting to know these girls. i wish i could tell them how much i care for them without it sounding totally cheesy. but i do. i so look forward to see where their lives take them.

today was like a little piece of heaven to me. the afternoon was spent leisurely talking with friends and family. watching our children happily play together outside in the beautiful weather. we felt so much love. so much acceptance. doesn't everyone deserve that? how lucky are we that we have felt that here? love. accepted. home.

so tonight, before we leave our internet for a good while. and say hello to real life and the reality of moving. my fingers crossed that we can get there without breaking anything. i would like to share my testimony.

testimony is a funny word, which i think is mainly used in mormon cultures. that, or if you are in court. haha. but what is a testimony anyway? for me, a testimony is what i know to be true. an absolute truth to me and only me.  i feel it's appropriate for me to share it on here for my children:

i know that God lives. 
i know that Jesus Christ is his Son. 
i know that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. 
i know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible to be the word of God.

and most importantly, i am happy.
truly, supremely, completely happy.

i know who i am, 
i know why i am here and 
i know that i am loved truly, supremely and completely,
by my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

lucy and cousin evelyn who we will miss 


we have a good excuse

for being behind on the packing

5k with kara shapiro
so great to be running again. we did the couch to 5k program and have been training for 8 weeks.
i was so proud of her! it was her first 5k (she has a 6month old!)
and she's already signed up for another one in july.
ty has been so great "entertaining" the girls so i can get the work done.
lucky him, a car show was yesterday.


we're going to miss uncle taylor and (aunt) chelsea so much. ha ha ha.
why taylor took pictures of ty's butt instead of the charger i don't know. but thanks!
ooh, i need to give him a haircut badly


don't forget

every moment of every day now i find myself dazing thinking about  little things i want to remember, how sweet stuff has been and the hard parts too. considering that i packed my journal three days ago, i know, heresy! i'll have to write it here.

so sunday was mother's day right? but packing and cleaning and organizing and sorting and making 500 good will trips in three days kind of overshadowed it. but luckily my sisters were in town, so sunday night ty and i snuck away for a walk. and walk we did. we went up, up, up into the tree streets that remind me of reno. 70's houses, hiding behind trees and shrubs nestled in a hillside. open windows lit up, where you can see their couches and decorations and fake plants.

the weather was glorious and you could smell the rain coming the next day. we headed down the tree streets and passed the nielson's house where i have been so lucky to live by and run into and call my neighbors. and we kept on going onto campus.  it reminded me of how much i love spring and summer in provo. campus is deserted, the trees are bursting with the brightest of green leaves, the ducks are having ducklings, and and and the TULIPS! well, let's just say i payed 20+ dollars to go to the tulip festival a week ago and it was not impressive. at all. but still fun.

anyhoos, we walked all over campus. passed the MOA where the girls love to go in and look at the art work (and coincidentally the gift shop), and slurp up the cafe's yummy soups. past my favorite magnolia trees that only bloom for a week or so. past the ASB where we used to meet up with steph at her desk and gossip about babies and pregnanies and student loans and throwing up. speaking of throwing up, we passed the JKB (formerly the JKHB) where i remind ty every time that i have blown chunks in every bathroom of the entire building (thank you lucy).  i'm sure he's tired of hearing it, but i know i still be saying it when i'm 80 and beyond. then around to the new smith building with lucy's preschool in it-that was such a lovely thing for her to have this year. then across the eyring building with the dinosoars-the jsb-and back to the MARB where i had freshman ward and anatomy lab. not at the same time. the bells were ringing the breeze was breezing and it was wonderful.  i'm sure anyone would have memories like this of any alma mater. and dooce can just eat it, i really did enjoy byu. but more so when i had children.

we rounded out the walk past jdawgs and up to our street. and as we walked in i noticed a little brown box on the doorstep from my friend megan. we both had our third babies a week to the day apart. if that doesn't give you something to talk about i don't know what will. it seems like every sunday we see each other, sigh and just smile. and what a doll, she left me a very wonderful mother's day present of her delicous cupcakes.

so mother's day wasn't so bad after all. and every day since i find myself nostalgic. like buying a horrid BYU ice cream bucket because doesn't every mormon have to have one? to walking around the neighborhood with the girls and riding our bikes on the driveway. to visiting with sweet linds who i've visit taught these entire 3 years.  to picking up my awesome neighbor girls for young women's and waving at the meyer's as they drive by.

it has been a wonderful time.
and like my mom says, it's always good to leave when you still don't want to.


something outstanding

we are surrounded by piles of boxes, newspapers, sharpies and processed food.

i had to take down the chore charts. anarchy ensued shortly thereafter:
abby is peeing her pants once a day,
lucy is biting her nails again
they both act like wild monkeys with rabies (or tourretes, take your pick) when we go out into public or someone comes over.

hooray for change!

* as you can tell i made these by myself.
any ideas for cute ones that won't make me barf when i look at them?


things to note

  • mother's day always sucks for me for a few reasons. mainly- it's on SUNDAY which means i've had to teach on mother's day 3 years in a row.  my children are crazy on sundays. and i always feel badly for the women who don't/can't have children. what the freak are they supposed to do on that day?  it's the same way i feel when they announce a father and son's campout. i always look at ty and sigh a  little sigh (just a little one)
  • it's supposed to snow tomorrow. i get tired of people complaining about the weather, but here i am COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WEATHER. i am justified in this complaining because i swear it will snow here until the day we move to 100* weather. yup, 100 degrees.
  • we move in a week
  • i've finally decided my entire life will be perfect if i buy everything from the container store.
  • ice cream makes packing SO much more enjoyable
  • i don't think i could have ever got my oven as clean as danna did
  • my sisters took me to the mall which i have been avoiding like the plague. but we decided to just peruse and let me just say this, "hello gap! you have done very well with your spring line because i want EVERY SINGLE THING." good gracious, it's like they photocopied my style out of my noggin. but i walked out the door without a single thing chanting "mortgage, mortgage, mortgage!"
  • i've decided i am can not look at people's facebook photo albums anymore, especially single friends' ones- TMI. too easy to judge. yes maam. too easy.
  • we saw the Richards! one of our best couples from our first married ward we lived in. they are were so gracious to meet us after 9 days of vacation, i couldn't believe it. it was so nice to sit, catch up, and watch the girls have a blast together.
the girls with aunt danna


yard sale. sale in a yard.

today we had a yard sale.

 i was happy to see a lot of our beloved stuff go to loving homes.

i was bummed a non-english speaking customer stole my camera instead of purchasing it.

i am so pooped out.

but guess what? my cousin becky showed up! ha! it was so much fun and she sent me these pics of my mom's family from long ago. priceless.
*aunt linda (pregnant), my mom, uncle bill, aunt brenda, aunt marsha, aunt tammy*


152 insights into my soul

dear weblog- this is a journal for me and my family but ever since i got "traffic" i've edited out a lot of stuff. so brace yourself and get ready for some good stuff. actually i am quite boring 92% of the time, so i guess get ready for some boring details.

  • sisters are in town helping me pack. blessed! how did i get so lucky?
  • girls are SO excited sisters are in town. danna sounds just like me, (Our husbands have confused us on the phone sometime, funny story for later) so phoebe is in heaven.
  • i have so much junk. i am ashamed at how much junk i have. every box i pack i think, "there are so many people with NO jobs, NO homes, NO money, NO food and here i am packing dress up clothes for dolls that they don't play with.
  • i likely spend most of my day feeling badly for how lucky we are. that's it, luck. we have a lot of friends and family's in different situations and i feel for them. and feel guilty that we have what we have. but grateful. dang it, i can't stop talking about how ashamed at how much stuff we have.
  • i bought a fridge. for the first time ever. it's all dinged up, but hey! i got it like 600 dollars off! my mom says i should frame the ding on the door and say, "see this?! that ding costs 600 dollars!" i love my mom.
  • i'm going to miss provo. i'm going to miss the weather, the mountains, the student life. it's not a real life, it's this little fun honeymoon. i remember talking to a friend at the post office before we moved and she said, "oh, those years were our very favorite. going back to school was the best thing we ever did." and here i am three years later saying the exact same thing.
  • i've recently found out that many of my friends and aquantainces in the ward are "famous" or should i say, "mormon famous". fame is a fickle thing. all of a sudden i find myself thinking differently about them and thinking i should act better around them, and then i think, "well, crap, they are my friends right? " thank goodness i didn't know this stuff when i met them, i would have been a bumbling idiot. "well, uh....i really like your artwork...uh.......you really rock at volleyball....your writing is amazing...duh duh duh."
  • i've bought all these paper plates and plastic cups and crap to get us through the move along with buttloads of crappy cereal and food for the girls. i hate this! i can't wait to be unpacked and cooking again and washing dishes in a DISHWASHER. hooh baby.
  • i LOVE phoebe. i love every square inch of her. my sister danna calls her "candy". and she is, her cheeks are like little pink snowballs and she has gumdrop eyes and marshmellow cream chin flab.
  • i just had deja vu really badly. like, i was typing this entry instead of packing for our move right here on our mac. whoah nelly.
  • i need to stop stalling. hello sharpie smell! i'm coming for you!


i'm stalling

i don't want to pack.
so i'm posting some pictures on the weblog here.
this is another one of abby's creations. you can find stuff like this randomly throughout the house.


date night: not the movie

last night ty and i went on a date. a real, real date.
we ate out at my favorite pizza place of all time owned by our friends and neighbors.
we ordered appetizers, pizza AND dessert. this is what constitutes a real live date,.
no time restraints. no caloric restraints. just a relaxed time.
when we were first seated two girls (i guess women in their 20's but i considered them girls) were seated next to us. and i mean right next to us. unfortunately i could hear everything they were talking about.

it was like mean girls, meets barbie, meets beverly hills, meets mormon culture (not the good kind), meets the dyed blond hair club. i promise, i am justified in all of these observations.

the very first thing i hear is how a husband (unfortunately they both were married) committed a felony a month before their temple marriage, but luckily they hired a lawyer and had it expunged from his record so they could still get married in the temple. omgoodness, i am so not even going there. the conversation ebbed and flowed while i stared at this GLORIOUS piece of artwork that i want to buy. oh, i could stare at it for forever.  unfortunately they just kept talking about the most horrid and superficial things that i looked around to find a movie camera filming us.

after they left i asked ty, "do you think they are for real?"  i mean, it saddened me that there are actual parents propagating children who talk (oh, i wish i could copy their accents) and have an attitude about life like that. whose fathers buy them $1,000 worth of clothes at anthropologie & the mall last weekend to cheer her up (mind you, she is married).  do you have any idea how much difference a thousand dollars could do? how many stomachs it could feed and bodies it could shelter?

it gave me that same pit in my stomach as on 9/11 when after a long day stuck on campus shocked,crying and trying to cope through classes and a 4hr ballet rehearsal i sat down in front of our apartment tv to watch the horrifying scenes and heard my roommates planning a shopping trip for the next day. i decided right then to find a new place to live for the next semester.

now i have my faults, goodness i know i have too many to count. and i am shallow and conceited and vain and petty. but really? i could not believe these girls.  saying that you want to get pregnant in the fall UNLESS you get "a really awesome job that can pay over 50k". dear heavens, please don't have any children. please please please.

the only thing i could think is, thank goodness i have so many daughters. hopefully they can grow up to be real women living in a real world. who have love, courage, compassion, humility and a deep embedded love of service. who know who they are and why they are here on this earth. and who would decide if their fiancee stole 4 movies from costco a month before marriage to NOT MARRY HIM.

enough about the negative. we topped off the night with 2 hours at barnes and noble in big squishy chairs pouring over home design magazines and hot rod garage body shops and history books.

it was glorious.


life is good

Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one's own way.
-Viktor Frankl, natzi concentration camp survivor. 


well hello there may

apparently my siblings and i were the only ones watching perfect strangers reruns after school. what a shame. everyone needs a  little balki in their life no?

random stuff has been happening this past weekend. like a suprise trip down to the valley where i drove through snow storms and rain and came to this beautiful viewpoint on the mesa. i think it was the Lord's way of reminding me of how beautiful the desert can be. it was breathtaking i tell you what. my sister sarah got graduated from SUU with a master's in education on saturday which was part of the reason for the trip. i'm really glad i went, it was awesome to see her accomplishment. so proud (insert beaming smiling face here)

i missed the girls who stayed home with dad, they missed me and phoebe proved to be the troopiest trooper of troopers i know. she rocked the drive there and back. but...i'm exhausted. i cried a lot in church today because of how much i'll miss my friends and young women that i get to see. sniff sniff. bahhhhhhhhh.

ps- abby fell on thursday and has the biggest egg head ever. oh, and someone came to see our house on saturday. double baaaahhhhhh.

on a more serious note, i've decided to make the house blog private. lame, i know. but maybe i'll change my mind in a little while. if i know you from eve and you'd like an invite- leave your email address as a comment or email me at anniecleavittatgmaildotcom.
there is some awesome stuff going on with it.
*not THIS blog- we have another blog about our house renovations on the sidebar.
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