152 insights into my soul

dear weblog- this is a journal for me and my family but ever since i got "traffic" i've edited out a lot of stuff. so brace yourself and get ready for some good stuff. actually i am quite boring 92% of the time, so i guess get ready for some boring details.

  • sisters are in town helping me pack. blessed! how did i get so lucky?
  • girls are SO excited sisters are in town. danna sounds just like me, (Our husbands have confused us on the phone sometime, funny story for later) so phoebe is in heaven.
  • i have so much junk. i am ashamed at how much junk i have. every box i pack i think, "there are so many people with NO jobs, NO homes, NO money, NO food and here i am packing dress up clothes for dolls that they don't play with.
  • i likely spend most of my day feeling badly for how lucky we are. that's it, luck. we have a lot of friends and family's in different situations and i feel for them. and feel guilty that we have what we have. but grateful. dang it, i can't stop talking about how ashamed at how much stuff we have.
  • i bought a fridge. for the first time ever. it's all dinged up, but hey! i got it like 600 dollars off! my mom says i should frame the ding on the door and say, "see this?! that ding costs 600 dollars!" i love my mom.
  • i'm going to miss provo. i'm going to miss the weather, the mountains, the student life. it's not a real life, it's this little fun honeymoon. i remember talking to a friend at the post office before we moved and she said, "oh, those years were our very favorite. going back to school was the best thing we ever did." and here i am three years later saying the exact same thing.
  • i've recently found out that many of my friends and aquantainces in the ward are "famous" or should i say, "mormon famous". fame is a fickle thing. all of a sudden i find myself thinking differently about them and thinking i should act better around them, and then i think, "well, crap, they are my friends right? " thank goodness i didn't know this stuff when i met them, i would have been a bumbling idiot. "well, uh....i really like your really rock at volleyball....your writing is amazing...duh duh duh."
  • i've bought all these paper plates and plastic cups and crap to get us through the move along with buttloads of crappy cereal and food for the girls. i hate this! i can't wait to be unpacked and cooking again and washing dishes in a DISHWASHER. hooh baby.
  • i LOVE phoebe. i love every square inch of her. my sister danna calls her "candy". and she is, her cheeks are like little pink snowballs and she has gumdrop eyes and marshmellow cream chin flab.
  • i just had deja vu really badly. like, i was typing this entry instead of packing for our move right here on our mac. whoah nelly.
  • i need to stop stalling. hello sharpie smell! i'm coming for you!


Audrey said...

I am excited you guys are moving back. I am sure you are kinda dreading it in some ways. It was hard for us moving back here and we really miss UT. Let me know if you guys need any help with moving or anything, seriously. Oh and I want to view your home blog if you wanna add me. see you soon!

Becky J. said...

Oh, the junk. Doesn't it suck? Sometimes I seriously want to throw it all away and start over. But then the next trip to Target I'm bringing more junk home! We really are blessed.

And now I'm curious who's in your ward. I've often wondered how many times I probably was shopping next to c jane or nie nie at the store when I lived in Provo and didn't even know it. But I'm glad I didn't, because it's true, it makes you act weird and not yourself. And that's the last thing they want. Anyway, I love the stalling posts--keep 'em coming! (and good luck packing--yuck!)

Deborah said...

I love your blog!

Carrie said...

Wow. Your soul has a lot going on right now! Good luck with that! Hope the move went well and that you have fun unpacking into your new house!!

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