things to note

  • mother's day always sucks for me for a few reasons. mainly- it's on SUNDAY which means i've had to teach on mother's day 3 years in a row.  my children are crazy on sundays. and i always feel badly for the women who don't/can't have children. what the freak are they supposed to do on that day?  it's the same way i feel when they announce a father and son's campout. i always look at ty and sigh a  little sigh (just a little one)
  • it's supposed to snow tomorrow. i get tired of people complaining about the weather, but here i am COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WEATHER. i am justified in this complaining because i swear it will snow here until the day we move to 100* weather. yup, 100 degrees.
  • we move in a week
  • i've finally decided my entire life will be perfect if i buy everything from the container store.
  • ice cream makes packing SO much more enjoyable
  • i don't think i could have ever got my oven as clean as danna did
  • my sisters took me to the mall which i have been avoiding like the plague. but we decided to just peruse and let me just say this, "hello gap! you have done very well with your spring line because i want EVERY SINGLE THING." good gracious, it's like they photocopied my style out of my noggin. but i walked out the door without a single thing chanting "mortgage, mortgage, mortgage!"
  • i've decided i am can not look at people's facebook photo albums anymore, especially single friends' ones- TMI. too easy to judge. yes maam. too easy.
  • we saw the Richards! one of our best couples from our first married ward we lived in. they are were so gracious to meet us after 9 days of vacation, i couldn't believe it. it was so nice to sit, catch up, and watch the girls have a blast together.
the girls with aunt danna

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The Leavitts said...

I am pretty excited for you guys to move home!!!
Wanna be my walking/running partner, but mostly walking cause i am way out of shape!!!
And i am with you on the container store thing!!!!

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