kitty cats

we graciously gave the girls some kitties on saturday (thanks amy!). we intended for them to just be our outdoor mice patrol. little did we know they would become the most amazing babysitters in the world. the girls have spent 98.9% of their days outside on the porch "watching" the kitties. and when i say "watching" i mean squeezing, hugging, pulling, tugging, and as abby says "making them fly!".
hey, who am i to judge? i'm a former cat killer myself. it's been 24 years since my last "incident", but still.

so the new additions to our family, and back porch, that have lighted up our home are as follows:

1.  pickles, a female, pictured here with lucy.
2. willy, a crazy boy who acts like he's on crack.
3. wonka, willy's twin. i can't tell them apart by features except that wonka doesn't act like he's on crack.
4. and pat!. we can't tell if pat is female or male. so we just call it, "it's pat!". hahahaha. someday i'll let the girls watch the snl clip and then they will roll over laughing.


jes said...

cats? do you think cats eat scorpions?

p.s. i want to see the house projects. invite me, please... ?

p.p.s. at least if you're missing provo and feeling overwhelmed then i don't feel quite so insane.

Deborah said...


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