a conversation at breakfast

abby, this cereal can make you lose 6 12 libs in only two weeks!
 the box says, if you eat this cereal you lose all the fats!
 oh! watch! i'm getting fat! (slurping of spoonfuls of special k)  see i'm fat!
no, it doesn't make you fat abby! you lose fats!
mmm, ok! look, i'm losing fats! (again, slupring up spoonfuls of special k cereal)
hahahahah! mmm, no more fats! (scarf, scarf, scarf)
hahahahha- 6 libs of fat!
i'm eating fats!
no abby! losing fats!
i'm losing fats!!  no more fats!  (in unison) ha ha ha ha giggle giggle giggle

this is by far the funniest moment in the house since lucy started reading.

the downfall to having a reader? i can't skip words, paragraphs or pages at bedtime when i'm tired. DRATS.

lucy and her friend eve on our last day in provo

we move in today! (hopefully) 
fingers crossed i sleep in my own bed tonight


my name is becky kelly said...

yeah, there are pluses and minuses to haveing a reader! that's awesome that she's reading!
i still skip phrases and pages at bedtime.. the kids just get "well, do you want part of a book or no book at all? i'm too tired to read this whole thing!"
they pick part of a book and tolerate that.

Lauren said...

YAY for silly breakfast convos and your new house!! :)

Deborah said...

funny funny funny!!!

ahhh.....your own home!!!!!!!!!

Kara said...

Yay! Love the pic of the girls. Please share when you get a chance.

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