did i stutter?

this post a few days ago seemed awfully familiar to me. then i remembered that is almost exactly the same advice i gave myself awhile back here.

the post seemed off. not like me. i even had some very thoughtful phone calls and emails checking in on me. thanks for that. really really nice.

well, little did i know. there was a reason i was feeling so freaking blue AND craving chocolate chip cookie dough at the same time. or to quote my favorite movie: " Of course, l know now l was suffering
from premenstrual syndrome." say that with a southern drawl and three cheers goes to the winner who guesses the flick.

and joshlyn and i have way too much fun at water aerobics. we're pretty sure we are scarring those little teenager lifeguards. it's awesome.

in other news: cousin steph and family are coming to stay tonight. that makes me THIS happy:

{photo by chelsea greaves}


Lauren said...

Steel Magnolias :)

Danna Banana said...

I can hear Dolly say it now!!

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