seen and heard

scene: breakfast table, 8am

lucy: i'm pooped! while rubbing her eyes and a massive case of bed head.

abby: what?! you pooped?!! hahahaha! abby is bright and perky as usual. even at 6am.

lucy: NO! abby! i'm pooped. you know insert hand gesture, i'm bummed out.

abby: hey! i can stick my bum out too! stands up on chair and protrudes her butt while laughing.

lucy: ugh! that's not what i meant abby. geez.  

by now abby is head deep into her granola and isn't listening anymore.  

ty and i have decided that she is, so far, the family comedian.


Ian and Kacee said...

Kids seriously say the funniest things! I actually have a little notebook that I write down little quotes the kids say! Nieces, nephews, kids in Ian class, the girls at young womens ;) They're funny!

my name is becky kelly said...

it's second child syndrome. Landon has it. Most of my second child nieces and nephews have it. My second older sister has it.
Landon is freakin' hilarious! and so fast and witty!

oh, i was going to email, but now that i have your attention... the kids are i are leaving town until wednesday (no, our marriage is fine, shanan just has to work) to a couple of family reunions. so can we bbq next weekend? we'll be home wed, so thurs, fri, or sat would be great for us! let me know!

Jamie said...

I love the scene and heard idea. You get to benefit by documenting the memory and we get to benefit with a good laugh. Such cute girls.

Laura Joyce Leavitt said...

This so makes me smile! Hopefully we will get to see you and Ty and the girls more now that your in the valley :) even though we aren't we are honestly down every weekend.

Emily said...

Your girls are adorable. I'm glad that you figured out what was making you blue. That darned PMS.

Gotta love family comedians!

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