squirrel nutkin

we inherited this little guy with the house. every day i'd drive down to work on the house and he would be in a different spot. at first i was going to chuck him-but i've kind of grown attached. i wonder who bought him and how old he really is? anyone else have stuff like this roaming around?
and this morning lucy found the legs to a garden gnome in the tree house. but just the legs. hmmm.

the visit with steph and paul was perfect (except for being so short). lucy, abby and their luke and liam played and played and played and played and played for hours in the tree house. i can't believe the kittens survived because at one point liam was chasing them around while swinging a metal pipe. glad i don't have boys. haha.

we loved having them and they survived staying overnight at our house.

so who's next? expect to wake up to hot german pancakes with maple syrup, fresh canteloupe, strawberries and lots of laughs.

any takers? : )

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