things i like to wish for:

magical cleaning snapping fingers like mary poppins

to have my dancing body back.

to be male, but only on camping trips.

to stay in better contact with friends.

to be african american, so i could be cool.

to be more efficient during the day.

to go to europe next time my sister goes. she left yesterday. LOSER.

but most importantly, i want to squeeze and hug my new little niece megan ann. i bet she's changing every day. even without her auntie annie around.  i wish flying were free and fun. i would so be there.


me said...

I agree with so many of those myself, especially the last one. She is so cute!

Mary said...

Annie! WE MISS YOU TOO!!! We are terrible commenters, but we read your blog all the time! I love you and miss you! Wish we could get together with all our girlies!! It would be so much fun! Hannah still talks about her friend Lucy too, what Lucy likes and doesn't like and still names her polly pocket girls lucy. Maybe we could come be your neighbors again someday-that would rock!

Melanie said...

I would love to clean like Mary Poppins!!

She is changing - so fast. The growth spurt has hit and she's growing. So exciting and so sad. The newborn size clothes won't be fitting for much longer.

We should tag along with Sarah next time...

By the way, we all LOVED the breakfast conversation. :)

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