did you forget? you live in the country now girl.

these two insanely romantic willow trees are right outside my back porch.  a big change from before. everywhere we've lived we have had neighbors. sounds logical.

and just like anyone else we've had really awesome neighbors, and not so awesome of neighbors ( like the pregnant smoking lady that i always wanted to smack in our first apartment). we've had very clean neighbors, we've had very messy neighbors. we've had loud neighbors, and now we have the most quiet of all. you can't see here, but there are two houses on the hill behind the willow trees. and in the winter we get a good view of them. but the quietness here. is, well, quiet. so i'm sure they can hear me yelling talking to my kids all day long.  come back inside! put the kitty down! no don't swing the hammer at the wall! stop chasing that lizard and get in the car!

i keep forgetting that we are full time ruralness over here now. a few of our distant neighbors have stopped by. the first one, uncle gary, informed us that he had to shoot a coyote that was too close to the house. the other asking if it was our dog that had mauled his goat? hmm, nope. don't think we own a goat mauler. now if that's not rural for you then i'm spent. in all actuality we live a few minutes from "downtown". and when i say "downtown" i mean, the grocery store, two restaurants, the floral shop, the health food store, several businesses, the book store, the movie theatre, the gas station, post office, senior citizen center and library. 

aaaand that's it. don't get me wrong, i love this small town life. i always have. and even though i've considered myself quite nomadic, and happy living any old place. the city, the sticks, and inbetween. it's hard to realize, this is it. we live on 2 1/2 acres with gorgeous mature trees, with no neighbors close enough to eavesdrop on.  our girls are growing up chasing lizards and feeding bunnies and playing in "secret  forests" all day long. heaven right?

the only downside of living in a small town? you can't go anywhere without seeing at least 7 people that you know, every single time. not that that's a bad thing. but c'mon. i can't run ONE errand without seeing auntie sue, cousin billy bob and jethro my old pe teacher? these are all fictional names, i have not met one person named billy bob here. on my honor.

i really do love running into people. i'm not THAT anti social. it's just that this entire town knows when i shop. when i'm on my period. when i'm out of town (probably because it'll be quiet) when we get paid. when we are out of milk. when we our library books are due. and well, everything inbetween. don't even get me started on the hair salons here. i know how much i talk when i have to sit still, and who knows how much i'll blabber in 90 minutes while getting my greys away. oh dear, maybe i should just go granola style and save the entire community the grief of it all.

now i remember why i used to grocery shop at costco. you're in. you're out. and charlie the checker guy doesn't know where you live or care that you just bought an entire life supply of peanut butter in one trip.


Whitney Baldwin said...

I covet your yard and the fact that your girls will play with lizards.
I really do.

Love that you live next to "downtown". haha! Since when has there been a health food store?

Danna Banana said...

Ditto on the beauty salon. That place is DANGEROuS. Don't ever be lulled into a sense of security and start sharing your frustrations!! I learned that lesson the hard way.
You will get used to the quiet soon enough. BTW. Your "neighbors" are very beautiful. They look like an old married couple .

Bowler Family said...

Girl, it is has been scientifically proven: if I leave my house looking like crap I WILL SEE a certain someone (code name chewbaca) at Lin's 5 out of 5 times, I am not kidding!!!

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