see the baby? see the baby?

we are flying solo over here at the girl household. daddy flew out last night for his graduation trip. which might, ahem, include shooting large furry loving animals. most of the time it's easy for me to look over his hunting habit. i'm all for the bonding of males especially when it's a huge part of his family tradition.  not so fond of the shooting and nailing dead things on the wall- but we made a pact upon engagement that no dead animal of any kind will make it into my living quarters. ever. *i should note that his "office" doesn't count in this pact.

someday i'd love to go with him- when i don't have a baby attached to my tatas or one in utero. not for the slaughtering part- but the view! the places they go to are absolutely breathtaking. fly in on a puddle jumper. ride away on horseback. take a louis lamour book in my backpack. ahhhhh.  but i don't think i'd ever get to go, because wouldn't that mess up the whole male aspect? yes i think it would.  but to make up for that i'm tinkering with the idea of a huge fatty patty traveling trip with my sisters someday. mmmm, europe sounds delicious.

so we are in a big debate as to what to do with our time. the beach with aunt danna? holla! the house in utah with a  high of 72*? oh sweet baby cakes i'll go for that too. but for now we have responsibility and laundry so we are home.  why not play with photobooth?

it took me forever to get phoebe to look at the baby on the screen and not suck on the keyboard.

see the baby?
there she is!


Wahl Family said...

Hey Annie. I love your blog! Phoebe is so cute and sweet!

Emily said...

My hubs isn't a hunter, but my dad was...and I remember the hunt was a fun time for us girls to be with mom. You seem to 'look over his hunting habit' with grace. Your husband and daughters are lucky to have you.

Your Fatty Patty traveling trip sounds splendid!

And your baby's cheeks look delicious!

Melanie said...

Cute! Hope you have some fun girl time while Daddy is gone.

Lauren said...

Lol! And what a cute baby she is. :)

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