we don't just whine over here ya know

every day we shake it. the girls love it. i love it. whether it's the classical music in the kitchen or some rocking music from pandora- dancing is essential to our days as is bread and butter.
i love this video because lucy only thought i was taking pictures. in the beginning abby is screamig at phoebe to DANCE! and, well, they've got the moves man.

other funny things the girls have been doing: running in the sprinklers. swimming for HOURS in our 4 foot radius pool. torturing the three kitties (we've already lost one to the coyotes). helping me around the house. visiting grandma's and cousins and the book store and "side in scoop" ice cream shop.

aunt danna is here! and we are on our way for an awesome holiday. you should go somewhere too. it's just too hot right now. really, it is. my position on having a pool gets stronger every day.


Melanie said...

Fun!! I wish I could go somewhere. I'm sweating in my house as I is too hot.

Have a great time! :)

Becky J. said...

You. make. me. laugh. Period.

Love ya! Hang in there! I hope Ty gets home soon!

Kara said...

LOVE it!

my name is becky kelly said...

faith watched this with me and said "they don't REALLY know ballet" hahaha. i wanted to say "faith, they're annie's kids, they come out knowing ballet! and i'm sorry dear faith, you're MY child, there is not much hope for your gacefulness.. maybe you ought to hang around those leavitt girls some more if you want to be a ballerina."

p.s. we found one of your shaped rubberbands
p.p.s. we planted apricot seeds in plastic cups, you can have as many as you want.

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