what was that again?

"mommy i poooooppppped!" - abby screaming from the bathroom.

i whipped my head around in the kitchen and perked up to hear what i thought i heard.

"mommmmmmmy i'mmmm pooooopyyyyy!"-abby again

i couldn't believe it. yes!!!! abby pooped, on the actual toilet. wait a minute, she pooped on the potty yesterday also.  i didn't have to change a dirty pull up two nights in a row. sweet mystery of life i've finally found you.

since the day that we have moved my 3 year old has number two'd in her pullup EVERY single NIGHT.  she didn't do this before, at all. but somehow since we've moved she saves everything up until bedtime. guaranteed, 10-15 minutes after giving kisses goodnight, i've got to go in and change her.

and taking the ever so wise advice of my mother, i completely ignored it. going on a 4 day trip? grab 8 pullups. one for a dookie, and the other to protect from pee pee incidents. yes, i know this is increasing my carbon footprint but i'm also saving the pharmaceutical companies from bottling up drugs for me later on.

this is so exciting for me as a mother. you know, having a child poop in the toilet is HUGE.
i'm hoping it sticks.
i'm hoping this is a permanent pattern.
because that would be swaheeeet.

while typing this it made me think of the funniest butt wiping story i know. i hope my family will forgive me for publishing this {fingers crossed}.  a looong time ago my brother and sister and their spouses and very small children lived in the same apartment complex. my sister had a shin dig at her place and we were all over there eating tons of food and chatting it up on her SO FREAKING hard sectional couch that i believe was free. please tell me you didn't pay money for that danna.

anyways, my sister in law jill is an awesome mom and always has socially respectable and polite children with beautiful clothes and hair. sigh. sigh. sigh.  her child would never scream, "would someone come and wipe my butt!" through the hallway. no way, she is on her game girl. so they had a system where a little bell was on top of the toilet. when someone was in need of some, ahem, wiping, the little bell would ring.

back to the party. we're laughing and talking (because that's what curtis' are really good at) and i hear this faint little girl voice. it was singing, "ring a diiing a ding adiiiiiiiiing".  and then again, "ring a ling a ling a liiiiiing". huh? we finally all shut up to hear little niece jess, who had apprently dropped off some friends at the pool, improving a bell in the bathroom. because hey, there wasn't one was there?  but now she is all grown up, and instead my daughter is yelling, "mooommmy, wiiipe meee!".

i wonder how much a 12 pack of bells is?

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Anonymous said...

I'm done with mine, you can have them :) ! Would never have worked with boys, so they have been retired for some time now.

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