8th percentile my foot


Melanie said...

No kidding. :)

And the reading thing - yeah, we've resorted to Spanish now. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! They told me 9th for Jaxon and that I needed to start monitoring his eating better. I told her that when he quits eating more than my 5 year old(who eats plenty himself) and isn't on the brink of weighing the same as my 3 year old (who I was told is on the right track for growth) then I will be worried. Gotta love those percentiles.

Terril Family said...

Macy was always super low percentile too, but my doctor told me that if she were put on an international growth chart, she would be about average. I truely believe all the obese kids in America are throwing the charts off.

Trent & Tara said...

ya what?? does your doc know what they are doing...j/k. well she is chubby to me...and adorable as well.

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