blogging at night is a dangerous thing

  1. abby stood in a piss ant pile this afternoon. while i soothed her quadzillion bites with running water in the bathroom sink she looked over at her pink princess toothpaste tube and sighed, "those princesses don't have ants on them. just pretty dresses and castles."  "i know, i know" i said.  her first comparison of her to princesses- that's a guaranteed lose/win scenario.
  2. we are at a loss for the girls' room. i have never succesfully taught my children how to clean. i might as well just give up now with all parenting techniques because i'm a failure. ty and i are ready to take ALL the toys away and have them work their way towards a new one every  week if they can keep the room clean.
  3. i have made some really great new recipes that i need to post on here. easy, tasty, healthy and the kids LOVE them. win, win, win, win.
  4. i'm hesitant to write about my life here in a small town. i'm worried i'll offend. i worry i'll exclude someone. so i'll just say this: i really like my new neighbors and ward. a lot a lot a lot.
  5. i forgot my nephew's birthday. completely. and c'mon, i have like 20 nephews and nieces but still, total space cadet over here.
  6. and last but not least, i have offically signed up to become a ZUMBA TEACHER on september 11th.  if you don't know what zumba is then crawl out from under your rock and look at this. yeah, that's right, i am so wearing a thong leotard with leggings and legwarmers. all i need is some LA Gear's with little push buttons on the tongue. swahheeetness. i've always wanted to teach group aerobics (seriously, remember that monkey aerobics teacher with the braid billy?). and teaching ballet classes right now doesn't jive with my motherhood job i've got going on over here. plus- you only get a minimal workout teaching ballet. so here i am! i feel funny "certifying" to teach it because i've taught ballet for years-and that's in french with pointe shoes. so i surely can shake my tushy to a little latin action right? right. i might just make a complete fool out of myself after all.  

so spread the word- Women's Zumba Classes (i probably can't legally say *women only* but really? i know those dudes aren't there for a workout.):

Thursday nights 8-9pm

email me if you want more info: anniecleavittatgmaildotcom

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Becki D said...

piss ants are a real thing? who knew?! I thought you were going to go into a thing on how your daughter was having a crazy hissy fit or something. HAH!

Oh hai, I'm Becki D., BTW. :-D

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