i had a dream last night that angelina jolie and brad pitt adopted abby from us. it took me two weeks to figure it out, and when i did they had a mural on the wall of all their kids with a number of where they were in line. abby was number 7, and i was pissed. i stole her back all mission impossible style.

because abs is just too awesome to let anyone take away from us.
i mean, c'mon, she can lift 2lb weights.

and i'd steal this one away if they took her too.
she crawls laps like it's an olympic event.

and this one too.
she's my little handy helper now.
so back off angelina. because i kind of like my kids & i'd totally win if we got in a scrap.
and now, i'm thinking maybe i shouldn't eat a mango right before going to bed?

*ps* you guys, SO MANY WOMEN came to my zumba class last night.
like, SO MANY (said in my dionne voice from clueless).
i freaked out and forgot almost everything. bahhhhh!


Wahl Family said...

that class is so great!! And you made it so fun. Everyone is definitely coming back, so put on your big girl leotard! LOL! you are awesome!

Austrie said...

i would totally help you steal them back. haha zumba sounds awesome, wish i was there to try it!

my name is becky kelly said...

yay, i'm so glad you had a good turn out! i can't wait to join the fun! (well, actually i can... that's why i am... so.. scratch that comment) it will be fantastic when i can join the fun! (that's better, right?)

Whitney Baldwin said...

hmmmmm... the other day I had a dream that I shot my kid. Three times.

Your dream was much better.

Also, glad you had a good turnout!

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