this saturday

we painted the house. well, the front of the house. we have had this on our to-do list since day one.

at first we tried this lovely green i picked out. it was awful. ty said he is not living in an "army" house.

then we tried white. i've always wanted to live in a white house. i love white. LOVE. it didn't work either.

so we ended up with a tan color much like the color it is now, go figure.

it was so frustrating for me that the color was wrong on the first two tries. but this house has always been full of surprises. why would it work out? that wouldn't make any sense at all. after 4 hours of painting and deliberating on color schemes i threw up my hands and yelled, "and THIS is why people live in subdivisions!"  seriously though, no major decisions are needed there. lawn? check. house color? check. homeowners association? double check. 

but you guys, guess what the color we ended up with is called? ty came home from the hardware store with his 2 gallons of tan paint and said "guess what the name of this color is."  "i don't know, what?" i said.  "nevada tan!" he chuckled. "you mean, 'aka dirt'" i replied.

yes, our state pride has reached another level. even our home is Nevada Tan.


abby decided to have fun with the sprinklers while we painted. 
i don't think this girl will ever lack for ideas.
she walked around the entire time saying "tut tut tut tut, looks like rain!" 
and then she pooped in the swimsuit. yes.


Lauren said...

Nevada tan.. pure awesomeness!

Mary said...

Annie!! Will you invite me to your house blog?!? I'd LOVE to see all your hard work!! :) Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! "and then she pooped in the swimsuit"....what a perfect way to end any post!

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