lucy's birthday! she wanted a cupcake cake (drats) jack o' lantern. it should have just been a pumpkin, because the jack o' lantern is SCARY. SCARY. SCARY.
the costume kids. 
ari-the 5th grader lucy-tinkerbell maddie-lady bug kaleb-ninja abby-cinderella
pretty excited to have everyone singing
blowing out the candles
 the girls' cupcakes. they are such lightweights. lucy ate almost half. 
abby licked off 70% frosting, and took a mouse bite of cake. hilarious.
it rained all night last night. 
which was fitting, because it rained all day, and all week on lucy's first day of birth.
i can't believe it's been six years. but i can, she has grown up so much these past few years. smart, kind, sharing, and sassy to boot.

we love you lucy!


me said...

Your girls cupcakes are so like what my two would have done. Jared would have just licked the frosting and Ally would have taken a couple bites. Jared always asks us how many bites does he have to eat, even with desserts! Who does that?
Happy Birthday to Lucy! Looks like she had a great day!

Allyson said...

I can't believe she is 6! I remember when she was little and crawling around at dance practice! She is getting so big and just keeps getting cuter!

Deborah said...

good times!!!

BTW--I'm checking out Zumba classes near home --there are a bunch within a couple of miles! are they usually just drop in? they look like a real blast.

with my newfound commitment to exercise--I need more indoor stuff to do--with the weather changing--and I DON'T do treadmills-( or stationary bikes or stair climbers--blech!!!!)

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