status check

#1. i love living here. i feel like i'm starting to fit in like a well worn glove. and if you know how gloves get worn in, then you know that it takes a lot beating to get things soft and comfortable. no, ty doesn't beat me, but this weather does. and it's working. i know that just when i'm about to throw my hands up and say, "that's it! i give up! i'm moving to antarctica!" the weather will cool to a crisp 60 degrees for 5 months and i'll kiss my thermometer reader in the car every day.

#2. zumba is taking over my life. first of all, i hate the word 'zumba'. really, truly. but i love the exercise. i love being there with all those women. i totally feed off of their energy and i love it. i come home completely exhausted, sweaty, and happy. my arms and glutes and abs are sore. i love feeling sore. the girls as of today, hate zumba. they hate the music, when i start dancing, when i play it in the car. i now have resorted to practicing zumba from 6-7am until they awake, and late at night.

#3. i have terrible doubts about my mothering capabilities. does this happen to every mom? the older the get the more i realize i have absolutely no clue as to what i am doing. ever hear the phrase, 'on a wing and a prayer'? yup, that's me. after all the parenting books i have read and have yet to read, the great spiritual inspiration, talks, advice, experience, i still feel like my nose is barely skimming the surface. i look at other moms and just laugh. i have 3 children, my oldest just started her first extracurricular activity and i'm swamped. i feel like a chauffeur, and this is just the beginning. i know those mom's with more kids and more years and more experience chuckle when i say i'm busy. just as i chuckle when i hear a new mom complain about a busy "schedule". pshaw! but truth be told, it is all relative. i truly felt this busy and stressed when lucy was just a wee babe and abby was a bun in my oven.

#4. abby misses her house in provo. last week we went to costco and her eyes lit up at just the sight of the parking lot. "oh mom! just like at our old house!" she gasped. her eyes were starry the entire shopping trip. we did our regular route just to please her, bread, produce, paper products, dairy, cooking and canned goods, snacks, check out. she really enjoys costco, and i agree. costco is the only store i really miss. if there is a store in Heaven, i'm quite certain it's a costco franchise.

#5. we are overwhelmed with house renovation projects and phoebe at the same time. she is crawling all over so the need to finish things went from, "sometime" to "immediately". call us crazy, but we don't really want her eating a finishing nail or asbestos paint anytime soon. so, solution? my niece sydney moved in for the next few weeks. holla! i've always thought people with nannys were filthy rich, so i'm going to pretend like i'm filthy rich with a nanny. now i just need to move to park avenue. the girls are in heaven and we are actually getting things DONE around here : )


Whitney Baldwin said...

Ah, so this motherhood thing does get more busy. I'd wondered. With only one kid I would hardly call what we do even a "schedule" let alone a "busy" one. We eat, play, eat, play, eat, play, sleep. Repeat.

Love me some Costco. Love.

Toni said...

Should be good for you and sydney.

my name is becky kelly said...

haha, yeah, join the i'm-a-terrible-mother club! :)
it's funny that you hate the word "zumba" because if i recall correctly, you also have distaste for the word "blog"
and you do both so well!

Conni@ Zumba Class Sydney said...

Me too I do hate Zumba as a word but I am truly love it through its benefits.

These are two things fun and fitness. I think we should have our own dictionary about zumba.By the way thanks!

Becky J. said...

I wonder if I'm a good mom all the time too. It sounds like you're doing a great job. I think good moms frequently do feel like they're failing because otherwise how would you ever improve anything to be so good? Keep up the great work!

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