29 reasons of why getting older rocks

29. you don't get asked if you're old enough to drive when pulled over.
28. not really caring what you do or get on your birthday.
27. if it's my birthday it means thanksgiving is soon. yay!
26. i know less and less and less about everything each year. somehow i like this fact. alzheimers might be in my future.
25. i feel more legit the older i get. like, "yeah, i'm almost in my thirties."
24. i could care less what "people" are wearing or what the trends are. i wear what i like. and don't wear what i don't like.
23. i look less for answers from other people & more from my Heavenly Father.
22. i pray more. i fast more. i read my scriptures more.
21. i care more about other people. hopefully someday more than myself.
20. i enjoy every single day more.
19. i enjoy small things more.
18. i view other people's successes as successes, and not my failures.
17. i view my successes as successes and not other people's failures.
16. i feel like all my new friends i make are absolutely awesome.
15. i have genuine, sincere, and good life-long friends.
14. i don't have to hide my gray hairs as much.
13. i love and enjoy service more.
12. i am more slow paced, and i like it.
11. i'm more forgiving of others and myself
10. i love myself, for who i really am, more every year.
9. i am more in love with ty every year too. bonus!
8. i'm more peaceful.
7. my mom tells me i get prettier every year. swahheeet!
6. i wear make-up less and less, and i kind of like it.
5. i'm happy with my kids as they are. meaning: i spend less time wanting them to be different.
4. the older i get the better all of my relationships get.
3. i'm more happy with my body every year.
2. i don't have to worry about keeping up with other people.
1.  i care less about what doesn't matter and more about what does.


Trent & Tara said...

That is an awesome list. I need to have a better attitude like you about getting older....ha ha. I am dreading turning 26. Glad you had a good b-day.

my name is becky kelly said...

um. i am a really bad friend. is it your birthday today? i knew it was coming, but i don't know what day, and i was going to buy you a birthday present but i haven't been to st george in awhile. (and i have a specific store in mind) so, it'll have to be late. geez, sorry i brought your kid a present on her birthday, but not her momma!
thanks for liking me anyway.

Whitney Baldwin said...

nice list. and happy birthday to you!

Becky J. said...

Great list. I wanna be like that someday! Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

As I was clicking on your blog I smacked myself on the head ! Arrrgh! I missed Annie's birthday. So happy be-lated birthday my dear, I hope it was lovely!

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