what is "being grateful?" and why do i always feel prideful when i openly give thanks for all that i have? the definition of gratitude (i know, i know, hang in there) is:
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness 

so this week i'm going to work on being thankful.

be ready to show my appreciation,

and return kindness.

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The Good Ol Days said...

We saw the truck in Esquire's Black Book!! Chase said, "we really need to get a truck." And then we both sighed. It looked so cool!
I was thinking about the definition you wrote and about the "quality" of being thankful. When I show thanks or give it I'm not sure how great my quality is. I'm glad you posted this because it really has me thinking how I need to change. You're a good women Annie!

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