today i'm grateful for literacy. my siblings will laugh that i write this because i'm the least of a "reader" in the entire family. don't get me wrong though, i read a lot, you know, i was an english lit major (minus my little slump right now), i just didn't read as much as a kid as my nerdy brothers and sisters. ha ha ha.

but honestly, where would we be without books, and words, and the scriptures, and poetry and verse, and shakespeare and dave barry?  i know my life would be a whole heck of a lot more boring.

i'm grateful that lucy loves to read also.
i'm getting excited for her to start reading some of my dear old friends.

some favorite childhood books of mine, in no particular order:
charlotte's web
stuart little
anne of green gables
the giver
rebecca of sunnybrook farm
a wrinkle in time
girl of the limberlost
box car children
the secret garden
island of the blue dolphins
the day no pigs would die
to kill a mockingbird
summer of the monkeys (um, i might have read that 10 times)
gone with the wind at 16 (every 16 year old girl should read it me thinks)
every roald dahl book
nancy drew series
the chronicles of narnia series

there are lots more, but phoebe's is up from her nap and it's grocery store time.

what books are you grateful for?


my name is becky kelly said...

We were partly through Charlotte's Web, and we were driving to Reno and Shanan didn't want Charlotte's Web, he wanted Summer of the Monkeys, so now we're partly through both books! Hooray for no DVD player in the car and reading and reading and reading and listening to books on tape. We started "Bridge to Terabithia" (sp?) but they mis-use the word "Lord" way too much, so we turned it off. We also started "Tuck Everlasting" but didn't finish it. i think i might bring it into my kitchen so i can finish it.
we love the "Knights of Right" series by M'Lin Rowley, but your girls probably wouldn't.. it's a little more geared for boys.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Favorite book? That's like trying to name my favorite food but I loved Anne of Green Gables as a child, Pride and Prejudice as a teenager and Harry Potter as a college student and my current fav is Jane Eyre.

Whitney Baldwin said...

Love this. And every book on this list.
I would add to it Little Women, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, and The Indian in the Cupboard. Classics from my childhood. And I still love them.

Sheila said...

I am reading The Little Princess to my eight-year-old daughter and we both LOVE it!

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