no stickers on furniture

we have rules in our house. i know, right? but one of the big ones is 
for obvious reasons.

well, two days in a row i found phoebe like this. and yes, in the second photo are sticker googly eyes.

#1. i wonder what goes through the girls' heads when they do these kinds of things. #2. i guess phoebe doesn't count as furniture, because she moves and all.  and #3. after looking at these pictures i can't believe i take her around with her hair like that. what kind of a mother am i?


Anonymous said...

Kids do the funniest things without their parents understanding what they were thinking. As for her hair we could get together and make some flower bows and such since I am going to need some help due to being out of practice with baby girl hair for some time.

Austrie said...

Phoebe is sooo cute! i can't wait to hold her! even though she'll most likely cry. that's ok! 15 days :) Tell abby & lucy nice choice with the googly eye. it's classy.

Melanie said...

The googly eyes are the best! :)

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Ha! So funny.

Danna Banana said...

you should flip her upside down and film her jabbering. Like when we sand "Sherry" in MT Rose 3rd.

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