around the house

 dude, our cats our so weird... but in a cool way. i found willy and wonka napping together in the tree house.
and of course, our dog eddie. this is him patiently trying to sit.
ty calls him edward. i call him eduardo. the girls call him "eddie the dirty dog", from one of our favorite kids books.
he loves us like we are the greatest people on earth and acts like he is the happiest dog on earth. he romps around the property like he's the man. his favorite thing to do, that is hilarious to watch, is run up onto the hill, wait for us to be looking, and then run down as fast as possible with his floppy ears flying behind him. he loves it.
and even though he chewed up one of our phone recievers and then ate my cell phone. (ty says it's my fault because i left both on the porch.) we still love him too.
the willow trees behind us are changing colors just beautifully. i think i'll be sad when they lose all their leaves though. seems like they are few months behind  no? that's the desert for you.


Austrie said...

haha good old eddie, he is quite the dog. I had fun w/him while i visited you during tgiving! even though i thought he was gonna rip my leg off while i was on the tree swing ;)

Trent & Tara said...

great pics annie. those yellow trees would make a lovely backdrop for a shoot. don't be surprised if you find me out there over our long stay in logandale with my camera:) i love how all the privacy you have back there:) Evelyn is very excited to see the girls!!

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