seen and heard

"mom! come quick! the frogs are attacking each other!" lucy yells while running into our bedroom.

"what do you mean?" ty asks.

"they are attacking each other! and i tried to poke them apart but they're stuck!"- she exclaims while jumping up and down to try and express the urgency of the dilemma.

this is the part where i start chuckling. "they, hehe, are stuck together?" - i asked.

"YES! come quick!" - she runs out of the room.

"alright, i'm coming lucy" ty says laughing under his breath.

we go to investigate and find out that, indeed, the frogs are "attacking each other" and are "stuck".

"that's weird." i whispered to ty. (the frogs were given to us over 2 years ago and we have never witnessed any sort of exhibition like this- and i watched them all during phoebe's pregnancy- they are kind of entertaining)

"yeah, i didn't even know one of them was a female." ty whispered back.

"i don't think it is" i said.

maybe two years stuck in a small bowl with pink plastic rocks finally gets to an african dwarf frog.

*post edit* we now think we maybe do have one male and one female. fingers crossed for baby dwarf frogs!


me said...

ha ha, and euw, that's kinda funky!

Lara said... funny!

my name is becky kelly said...

hhahaa, we had a very similarly worried child when our lizards were "attacking" eachother! hahaha!
If they have like 200 babies and you don't want all of them, i'll buy some! :)

Bowler Family said...

I heard that if frogs are in captivity too long with the same of their gender, one will spontaniously change to the opposite gender. So they...can get stuck... :) Not sure if that is true though.

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