begin the week

i found this among my maternal grandfather's pictures
i'll have to ask my aunt marsha where this quote is from, i'm assuming his office, where i remember reading other good quotes. 
is it me, or is this perfect to read on a monday?

in other news- there is some growth on my rose bushes. HOLY COW, i was so excited to see this.


i want pizza

it's true. i've had one thing on my mind for months now...pizza.

pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza.

before we moved i started experimenting with pizza dough recipes, as we live in an area with very, very, few restaurants and the only pizza comes from a gas station (yikes!).   little did i know how much pizza i would be making (read: LOTS).

we finally found the best recipe to date. mainly because it is 1. simple 2. easy and 3. moderately healthy. I'm sure I could try and use whole wheat flour for the entire recipe, and I will. nothing ventured nothing gained right?

anyhoos, the girls used to love pizza night on fridays and now, well, they love pizza night many times a week. they especially love to put on the toppings-and i admit- it's hard to watch them do it and not fix it. so so so hard.

whether or not it's good for us- we love our pizza night.

so, here you go, a fabulous pizza crust recipe for my prosperity!

it's fabulous because you just dump everything in, no warm water, no sugar or honey, you don't mix for very long and just a teeny tiny bit of yeast (my thighs like this fact).

Easy Pizza Dough (adapted from Mark Bittman's pizza Dough Recipe- New York Times Cookbook)
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour
2 teaspoons active dry yeast
2 teaspoons coarse sea salt or kosher salt
1 cup water
2 tablespoons olive oil

1. Combine flour, yeast and salt in food mixer with a dough hook.  Add the water and oil and mix for 30 seconds- adding a little more water at a time until mixture can form a ball and slightly sticky. If too sticky add more flour (this usually doesn't happen). Mix a few minutes longer. Turn out onto floured surface and knead a few times into a ball. Place in greased bowl and let rise 1-2hours covered with saran wrap or towel. Or (preferably) let rise in refrigerator 5-6 hours.

(after rising you can use immediately or freeze it up to a month!) defrost at room temperature.

2. Split into two balls and set on greased area and cover with towel for 20 more minutes until slightly puffy.

Enjoy with your favorite toppings. We bake ours at 550* for 6-7 minutes with a pizza crisper.

*my pride demands me to add that we usually eat with a table cloth, napkins, a little candle and much more vegetables- but after having sick kids again and me fighting a cold- i'm a little tired. so forgive me.

** i also have to thank my niece emma for requesting this project for school. i know i'll be happy someday to have these memories.


in our little town

i've been more than hesitant to write about our little town.  a small area and low population means death to a blogger. anything or anyone you write about someone either owns or is related to, so your chances of offending are pretty high.

it's been good for me to try and hold my tongue more- but today the silence breaks.

there are interesting people in small towns. just like there are interesting people in cities, you just bump into them a lot more around here. there is only one grocery store and two gas stations- so no matter your background or mode of living, you rub shoulders with all the walks of life.  the best things i've seen so far since we've moved back are:

-the best she-mullet of all time, with a perm.
-a nice toothless man with a beer belly hanging 12" below his shirt tickling phoebe at the store,  and cooing " how many teefies do you have? I bet more than me!" 
-a man riding his horse on the side of the road, and talking on his cell phone.
-a boy driving a tractor down the street, on his cell phone.

and many other wonderful sights and sounds but yesterday was the icing on the top.

our dog eddie is the nicest dog in the world. too nice. he has made it his job to meet and greet everyone within a two mile radius of our house. we were ignorant to this fact up until a few weeks ago. when we played outside he was there. when we left the house he was there. when we came home he was there. and then the phone calls start to roll in.

yesterday eddie found himself a nice lady dog in heat at the home of some interesting people. i called the number to reach an adult and found myself "enjoying" music while i waited. i've only heard this a few times on people's phones and i find it both amusing and enlightening. 1. it's definitely not boring to listen to a song instead of the ringer, and 2. you learn a lot about from a person's song selection.  at this number i found myself listening to a club thumping rap song. beautiful.

a woman picks up and i thank her for calling the vet and ask her where she lives. she gives me the street name. ok..."and where on the street do you live?"  now i'm expecting an address, instead i get.
"oh, we're the biggest trailer on the street." "
oh, ok, um...do you have an address?"  i ask, trying to bite my lip from laughing.
"we're the triple wide".  she replies.  after a few more minutes she asks her husband (i'm assuming) the color of the house, (who doesn't know the address or color of their house?) and we hang up.

now, i'm not one to snub my nose at a mobile home. a house is a house is a house. but who tells you that they are the biggest one on the street?  i think the fact that she sounded very proud of this statement was the amusing part.  20 minutes later (thanks for watching abby joyce!) i found myself on what seemed to be a scene from the tv show cops. rusty 80's floral couch on the banister-less porch. squashed beer cans, an assortment of cigarette butts next to a tree stump. overturned dirty dutch oven and eddie whining behind the LOCKED fence.  good gracious i was angry.

apparently no one was ready to answer the door as i was told to "hang on a minute" and hear arguing and chatter behind the door.  so long story short (too late), a nice (i'm desperately assuming) lady with a long pajama shirt on and nothing else told me "sorry" and they handed eddie back. he was VERY happy to see me and phoebe and gingerly jumped into the car. we drove away and i marveled that people of that sort live in the "biggest" trailer on the street. 

i'm assuming the residents don't read blogs of my kind. and hoping that their relatives who read this aren't angry- and will alert the police to any criminal activity STAT.



my sister dropped by for a quick one hour visit today from california. she also brought with her a gold mine. said gold mine being a flash drive with 3,000 Gold and Gruber family photos and documents.

i've accomplished absolutely nothing today at all but a sore tushy from looking at all the photos and going, "ooh!" "ahhh!" and "why did they trim their beards like that again?"

some of my favorites:
grandma and grandpa gold, aunt linda, and mom (baby) Panama

mom riding "texas" their pinto horse in panama
grandma and grandpa's honeymoon- hunt in utah
grandma hamming it up in yellowstone (fake horse)
grandma's nursing school graduation- Pennsylvania

grandma and grandpa-newlyweds



random shtuff

  1. i deactivated my facebook account. i'm trying it for a week and if i'm cool with it, will probably delete for forever. it's just something i've been thinking about for awhile. i.e. i spend time on there instead of doing what needs to be done.
  2. now i'm having panic attacks about how/when/where i'll keep in touch with people. what about so and so back east? or that cousin that travels? am i becoming a hermit? waaaaaah!
  3. i keep having dreams that the baby has special needs. it's not fun.
  4. valentine's day was so great- and now i'm a huge fat slump. cranky, irritable (aren't those the same thing?) tired, unmotivated. my body cannot tolerate sugar, and no matter how many times i learn this i still wolf down those hershey kisses on V-day.
  5. i've been getting the nicest comments lately- and i usually don't mind if i do/don't get comments. but one sweet gal wrote, "have a happy day!" and boy, is that just what i needed to hear. so thanks for reading this, all of you. (even though i don't write for my readers, woops! don't take that personally!)
  6. i finally painted the baseboards in the living room/dining room. have you ever put something off for, oh, i don't know, forever, just to find out it only takes a little time? thanks to my mother-in-law we tackled that entire thing in just over 4 hours. yes, i waited 7 months to do a 4 hour job. yay me!
  7. i now have the ambition to get ALL of the baseboard and trim and doors painted before the babe. because let's face it, i have much more time now then i will for the next few decades or so.
  8. i gave myself 10 minutes on the internet this morning, and it's over. goodbye virtual world. have  a great weekend.
 we've been wanting to take the girls camping here for forever. sigh...someday right?



the world would be perfect if everyone had a phoebe in their home
(look at those rubberband wrists!)

working on the irrigation ty found an excellent worm collection for the girls
 phoebe is so hard core in her work clothes
 pancakes in the morning
 seriously, what would my life be like without this love chunk?


my valentime

ty is a sucker for holidays and always gives me more than i deserve (like building me this dining table).

i have to admit- the past few years i've disliked going out on valentine's night, just because #1. it's hard to get a babysitter,  #2. sitting in a restaurant with a million other couples "celebrating" feels a little cliche. so last year we did this.

and this year we stayed in and enjoyed,

a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

and watched one of our favorite movies.

it doesn't get much better than that.

except when the phone rings and automatically jostles us both out of our sleepy movie watching mode- i sat up and asked, "who would call at this hour?" and then looked at my kitty clock.

it was 7:50pm.

did i mention we watch our movies with closed captioning on too?

and i say things like "who would call at this hour?".

we are both a total shoe-in for the retirement home. i'm cool with it as long as we'd still be together.


oh the irony

finally planning out and shopping for an entire week's worth of healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners at our expensive little grocery store (supply and demand my friends) only to turn on the stove and have it break. yup, the oven is broken too.

gloating over having a great pregnancy with hardly any weight gain only to explode within a 10 day period to official squiggytown. i'm the not pretty pregnant: squishy tummy with pant lines, huge tatas, love handles, jello arms, junk in the trunk and thunder thighs. oh my.

making fun over hairbrained people and then realize you forgot your prenatal appointment that you've had for a month. A MONTH. yes, i just screamed that part.

getting out all the furniture and picture frames outside that you want to paint, fill the laborious paint sprayer, get paint all over you and the ground and have it break before anything gets painted.

telling your church officials that yes, indeed you want, and are capable, to be in charge of two activities only to entirely drop the ball on both and make your partners do all the work.

planning on a fun trip to pick up your kindergartner at school and go to lunch and find your car battery dead.

check out a marriage advice book at the library to learn how to help your spouse do a better job in the relationship (hormones much?)d only to read the entire thing and realize that you are actually a large source of the problem. delightful.

brag that all my children take two naps until they are two, only to have my third fight like there's no tomorrow over only having one. i don't know if i have the energy and stamina to endure and get her tired enough for two. heaven help me.

abby helped me take the baby bump photo. here is all three of us at 21/22 weeks? i don't even know anymore. phoebe's napping.


hello, it's me again...i think.

i just returned from a weekend at my parents summer (yeah, i know, not summer) house  with my mom and sisters and girlies.

no computers. no tv. cold weather. logs on the fire.

granted, no trip with children is a vacation but it was nice to get away. i don't know if i'll be able to catch up on sleep (abby is a kicker!) but i'm happy to be home taking care of my ty ty and kids and house.

i'm so happy right now for many reasons and so sad for many others. a dear friend just lost a parent, and i lay in bed all night last night in astonishment over how something like this can happen to such great people.

but i think what my mom has always told me just might be true:

most of the time, life isn't fair.

isn't that a big fat bummer?

i think so too.

i'm grateful for my beliefs that comfort me in times like this. that i know where i come from, and why i am here and where i am going gives me a solid foundation during hard times.

and purpose during the good.


wind of change

its a blustery day today. even biting cold for a desert climate. somehow i can't help but feel cheated by this weather we have here.  in climate should i need to wear gloves and a hat at the bus stop with my children when in several months i could die of heatstroke by 9am. where's the balance?  granted, we've had some lovely and mild winter days, but NOT ENOUGH BY GOLLY.

there, enough about the weather. but i swear the wind (or my hormone levels) has done something because...

my taste buds have changed. ( i can hardly stomach the salad i've been eating for months-blech)

my book/tv/movie interests have changed.(i could barely finish the second hunger games book-blah)

i have energy now! wahoo!

with all this energy is a to-do list a mile long that i want to accomplish:

finish laundry room,

paint furniture, baseboards, doors and trim.

make nursery bedding for the baby crib that will be in our room for awhile.

sew the living room curtains.

do this craft for the baby.

spend lots of time playing with the girls.

learn how to keep the kitchen clean while simultaneously making delicious food. (i have no idea how to do this)

plant my front flower bed

sew more pillow cushions

make world peace

and invent calorie free ice-cream.

i think i should be able to do all of these things by next week don't you?
i was looking up yellow nurseries (that's the color of our walls) and found this little ditty. 
i think i might ask ty to learn how to make those shelves.
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